Guardian Roofing’s WorldClass Roofing Procedure



For a worldclass roofing job, it is so important that the right company is on the job. There is so much more involved in roof restoration than just getting up and painting the roof.


Anyone can paint a roof provided they have the correct equipment. It’s the finish, safety aspects, quality and longevity of the job that will differ from the applicator to applicator who undertakes the project.


At Guardian Roofing, we believe that for a worldclass roofing job, below criteria must be met for any completed roof restoration.


Pre Job (Quote Stage)

  • A roof must be thoroughly quoted and all aspects of the job must be written into the quotation so that the customer knows exactly what is being done to their roof. This is important as it saves on any discrepancies occurring where the roofing company might want to charge more for something not originally allowed for in the quotation.
  • Beware of a tradesman doorknocking or offering their services for cash. These companies (even though they offer long guarantees) often cannot be contacted once the completed works start to deteriorate shortly down the track.
  • Ensure your roofing company uses or quotes to use handrail. Although there is a cost involved, safety rail is very important and required by law in most states. Failure to use the correct equipment can be costly for the both the contractor and the customer if caught out by Worksafe.
  • A quote should be written up within a reasonable timeframe. If a company wants the job, they will provide a quote within a few days.

During Project


  • Once the roofing companies are onsite and working away, a worldclass roofing job should go smoothly from there. The tradesmen should be courteous and keep mess to a minimum. Obviously roofing work is usually quite messy, however cleaning up along the way keeps the mess manageable.
  • Make sure the handrail actually goes up on the roofing as per the quotation.
  • Cleaning the roofing tiles well is an important aspect of ensuring the job will last a long time. Sometimes it’s worth checking after the cleaning process that all the tiles are well cleaned.
  • Try and ascertain as to when the tradesmen will be coming back and organise to leave gates unlocked or power available ect.

After The Project Is Completed


  • For a worldclass roofing finish, particularly from a company such as Guardian Roofing, an inspection of the roofing should be carried out on completion. The finished project must show a consistently painted roof surface with smooth pointing on the hip tiles and gable ends.
  • All the mess should be cleaned up as well as possible by the tradesmen. Also the neighbours house should be cleaned up as well (unless you don’t want to be invited to their Christmas party at the end of the year)
  • Enjoy your new roof and know that it should be problem free for many years to come.