Why Does My Home Need Roof Restoration?

Your roof is the most important asset in your home. It protects you and your family from the elements every single day of the year and must be looked after accordingly. Routine roof inspections will highlight areas that my need attention and require a roof restoration.

People don’t often think of getting a roof restoration done as part of their regular home maintenance routine. Your home’s roof is often overlooked and doesn’t get a lot of thought unless something goes wrong. However, by the time you notice a leak or realise you have problems, you are usually way past the point of a small repair– you could be up for big costs and big headaches for large roof repairs.

The good news is that these occurrences can be prevented by knowing both when and how to have a good roof restoration completed so that your home is well protected.

Guardian Roofing are the experts in roof restorations. We use the latest products designed to achieve long lasting durability and a beautiful colour finish in either a gloss or semi gloss.

A roof restoration can be achieved in a number of ways according to different roofing surfaces.

A Guardian Roofing Roof restoration can transform any:

  • Mossy, dirty or lichen covered roof into a brand new looking surface.
  • Faded or flaky roof into a rich updated glossy looking covering.
  • Old looking Colorbond tin roof into a brand new shiny metal roof.

We have long warrantees on our roof restoration coatings ranging from seven to twelve years. These premium quality coatings have been tried and tested.

The flexible pointing products we use for repairing the ridge capping, valleys and gables also come with extensive warranties.

We use ‘Flexi Point’, which is one of only two products designed to Australian Standards and come with a manufactures guarantee of ten years.


Get your roof inspected by Guardian Roofing and ensure that your roof is in order and able to perform its function by operating in tip top condition.