Vermont Roof Repairs and Roof Restorations

Vermont Roof Repairs and Roof Restorations

Short History of Vermont

Vermont is a suburb located in the east of Melbourne, about 21 km from the CBD and borders areas such as Nunawading, Forest Hill and Mitcham, Vermont South, Wantirna and Ringwood. Originally vastly treed, with an abundance of thick vegetation many substantial trees still remain.

Officially occupied by European settlers in the 1850’s for basic farming, woodcutting and coal burning, it was later taken over and subdivisions formed for land improvements.

Until the 1960’s, Vermont’s main landscape consisted of orchids with the occasional farm. 1966 saw the Whitehorse City Council purchase 7 hectares of land as the demand for new housing lots grew stronger. Vermont South post office was opened on 22 October 1974.

Currently home to about 12000 residents, Vermont’s average house price, like many other Melbourne suburbs, have seen a sharp increase of late.

Vermont Roofing Styles

Roofing materials in Vermont are predominately that of cement roof tiles. It is not un-common to find many instances of Monier Whitelaw, Centurions, and Roman tiles. All of which are a quality cement tile.

As houses are typically 30 – 50 years old, a roof that has not undergone a roof restoration in that time will be due for some maintenance or some significant roof repairs.

A Typical Balwyn Roof Repair and Roof Restoration

Some possible areas of concern requiring roof repairs are as follows;

  • It may be noticeable that ridge capping could be dislodged or visibly loose
  • Cement could be falling down the roof into the guttering
  • Valley’s may show signs of damage with cement detaching from sides
  • Tiles can be visibly cracked or chipped or have hairline cracks
  • Moss or lichen may have built up in the watercourse of the tiles preventing correct drainage
  • Roof tiles could be showing signs of porosity  (unlikely for tiles of that age)
  • Gutters and valleys could be rusted and need changing
  • Rotted fascia boards or eaves

All of these problems are easily identified by our qualified roof repair specialists. A comprehensive roof restoration will amend all of the problems and save you the trouble of roof repairs for many years.