Toorak Roof Repairs

Toorak Roof Repairs and Roof Restoration

Guardian Roofing Pty Ltd is the only name in the industry to trust when considering any Toorak roof restoration or roof repair. With over 15 years’ experience, we offer a professional service where we put our customers first.


Toorak History

Toorak is situated about 5kms south-east from the CBD. Regarded as Melbourne or even Australia’s most prestigious suburb, Toorak derived its name from ‘Toorak House’ which was built by a merchant named James Jackson in 1849. The name ‘Toorak’ was believed to have been influenced by the Woiwurrung language meaning black crow or reedy swamp. The property was used as the residence of the initial Victorian governor general and his predecessors until the current Government House was built in 1876.


Toorak Roofing Styles

As proud and rich in history as Toorak is, primarily the best roofing materials have been used throughout its past. Roofing materials such as slate, high quality terracotta and porcelain tiles have ensured that a roof has stood the test of time. Although these roofs may have undergone a roof restoration or roof repair at one stage or another, the structural integrity of the roof would have remained sound.


A Toorak Roof Repair

A typical roof repair would mainly consist of ridge capping repairs, valley and gutter re-newel and lichen cleaning.

A roof should be inspected for any signs of deterioration and the necessary repairs made before further damage arises. Some signs of damage to look out for include;

  • Loose cement becoming detached from ridgecapping or valleys. Roof repairs should be completed to maintain or restore.
  • Excessive lichen or moss growing on roof tiles. Although not usually a problem, if left to grow can result in water course blockages and be quite difficult to remedy.
  • Rust in valley’s and gutters. Corrosion spreads very quickly. Once surface rust becomes noticeable, it should be neutralised to prevent its spread.
  • Faded roof tile surface. It is important to maintain a good surface on the roof tiles by completing roof repairs and roof restoration as required. This will ensure that the roof tile remains strong and less susceptible to becoming porous.

For terracotta roof tiles, a thick glaze can be used with or without an added colour to prolong the life of worn and degraded tiles.


Toorak Body Corporate Roof Repairs

Guardian Roofing specialises in Toorak Body Corporate roof repairs and roof restorations. With extensive knowledge in re-roofing and roof restorations, we offer the best advice and tailor a specific solution based on the requirements of the residents or body corporate. Our systems in place ensure that whatever project is undertaken, it will run seamlessly from start to finish.