Tile Roof Repair

Roof Tile Repairs in Melbourne


Many homeowners across Australia and all over the world tend to take their homes roof for granted. With such a vital role the roof plays in the home, it is often overlooked when conducting inspections for Maintenance issues or potential problematic safeguard roof tile repairs.


A tile roof repair (a term consumers often use when searching for a roof repair service) is often the first aspect of any home renovation that should be looked before any other work on your home is commenced. Being the front line of protection for your house, your roof is subjected to extreme Melbourne temperature day in and day out. It insulates your home, protects it from rain and storms, shelters the sun. Basically, your roof gives you a peace of mind that you home stays safe, protected and maintained. It is so important that one conducts periodic inspections to ensure that roof repairs are carried out when necessary.


All tiled roofs require Maintenance from time to time. A tile roof repair can consist of many things. When conducting a roof inspection, a guide as to what to look for is shown below;


  • Visible signs of cement wear can be seem in different areas of the roof. In valleys, it may be noticeable that loose cement is sitting in the middle and obstructing correct flow of water. Cement may be missing from ridge capping. Ridge capping may have slipped out of position (which means that the bond between the ridge and roof tile has been lost).


  • Roof tiles may have become misaligned or detached from the roof battens. Visible signs of tile roof repair on this occasion may include holes in your roof, slipped roof tiles under ridge capping or out from the valleys, and gable cut roof tiles slipping away from the roofs gable or flashing’s.


  • Roof tiles may be very worn and faded in colour. This means that your roof tiles may require a restoration and re-seal. Keeping the surface of your roof tiles in good shape is beneficial for a few reasons. The more coating that is the tile, the more it insulates your home. The stronger the outside surface of your roof tile is in, the stronger the overall roof tile is. Of coarse, having an ascetically great looking roof to compliment the other work to your house makes sense. Being in Melbourne, the weather is quite harsh and the roof surface really gets tested.


  • Signs of rust on your valleys, gutters, downpipes and flashing’s may mean that your roof has not undergone Maintenance for a long time. These should be inspected and replaced as required by a competent roof plumber. Melbourne has many of these reputable kinds of companies


  • Roof vents or whirlybird’s may not be spinning in the wind or even be making noises. This can mean that they have been damaged in the wind or have basically just seized up over time. This type of tile roof repair can often be a simple replacement.


Many roofing company’s including ourselves will offer a complimentary service to inspect a roof and provide a report. A tile roof repair in Melbourne needn’t be an expensive exercise if inspections are carried out regularly. As they say, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.