Terracotta Roofing

Terracotta Roof Restoration in Melbourne by Guardian


Do you have a terracotta tiled roof? A terracotta roof tile is for the most part, a robust and attractive roofing material. Able to withstand many years weathering, and visually striking and unique when clean and in good condition, terracotta roofs have the tendency to lose that special something they were originally created with. Whether it’s loose cement, broken tiles, moss and lichen build up and an unsatisfactory appearance in general, a terracotta roof can cause a steady stream of problems if not maintained correctly. This is where a terracotta roof restoration may become valid.


A terracotta roof restoration performed by Guardian Roofing will restore your roof’s appeal and add value to your home, not to mention save you thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance. Typically, the most common problem concerning a terracotta roof is loose or falling cement, especially towards the bottom of the hip, the shell end capping, and at the top apex of the ridge cuts where the capping meets. As these areas deteriorate, water is more likely to get through and ridge capping are less stable and suspect to wind damage.


A terracotta restoration focuses mainly on these dilemmas. Many people are unaware that once the above mentioned problems begin to occur and actions not taken to rectify, bigger and more problematic issues will arise gradually over time. By simply patching or re-bedding the immediate problem areas you are essentially using a band aid solution. A full roof restoration, focusing on not only these problem areas, but the areas in between will warrant the best possible result.



All ridge capping will be fully re-cemented and issues with leaks are less likely to occur in future situations. At this stage, a full coat of Flexi Point is recommended to adhere to loose or newly re-bedded ridge capping. These are the focal points of a terracotta roof restoration.

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