Terracotta Roof Repairs

Expert terracotta roof restoration in Melbourne by Guardian Roofing

A terracotta roof, besides being more eye-catching than its cement counterpart is usually fraught with many more issues to attend to concerning drainage, wet weather protection, moss and lichen build up, and tiles shifting and becoming misaligned. All these problems stem from your terracotta roof tiles not being kept well maintained. Repairs and restorations undertaken by a professional can usually warrant you a safe and leak free home.

One simple restoration procedure to have moss and lichen pressure cleaned form your roof. Often the foreign build up will not pose any problems but occasionally it does. Moss and lichen detaches with heavy rain, rolling into your gutter. If your gutters are slightly blocked, the moss and lichen with accumulate and block the gutters, causing all sorts of problems. There can also be problems associated with the moss growing in between the water course channels of the roof tile. This will cause the blocking of the correct flow of water. And lastly, terracotta tile once pressure cleaned and sealed, looks brand new again and gives your roof a totally fresh look. The same principle applies with cement roof restoration on Melbourne homes where the profile of the roof creates a buildup.

Sealing your roof can be a fantastic barrier against the harsh Melbourne weather. Roof sealing is not something that should always be completed. It really depends on the customers budget, the particular roof tile condition, whether the roof tile is already glazed and a few other factors.

A terracotta roof is a fantastic, hardy and great looking roof covering. If kept well maintained, this product will protect you home for many years to come, only requiring small repairs.