Templestowe Roof Repairs and Restorations

A Typical Templestowe Roof

A typical roof in Templestowe would often be quite large and consist of either terracotta or a cement tiled roof. Nubrik Terracotta roof tiles were a very popular choice for roofs constructed in the area during the 70’s and 80’s. No expense was spared with lots of these grand houses, with the best quality housing materials being used. These large, heavy and very durable roof tiles collect moss and algae, and benefit greatly once restored.
Quality cement roof tiles have also been used extensively throughout Templestowe, Warrandyte, Warrandyte North and the Yallambie areas. Roof tiles used include Monier Romans, Ranch, Monier 100’s and Boral Hacienda and Nubrik Villa’s. These cement tiles, although faded, remain structurally sound and in great condition only requiring a roof restoration to bring them back to their origional glory. This would include; broken tiles to be changed, a pressure clean and a re-coating of quality roofing paint. Once restored, your cement tiled roof will be working at an optimum level for many years to come.
A Templestowe Roof Restoration

When inspecting your roof for signs of aging and possible areas of concern, there are certain aspects that one should pay attention to. 

  • Is the cement in good condition or is it falling out in certain areas? The roof will need re-bed and pointing.
  • Is there a build up of moss and algae. If so, is it growing in areas that will affect the performance of your tile? Close inspections will determine whether a pressure clean is recommended.
  • Has the colour completely faded from your tiles or heading that way? A roof restoration will amend this problem.
  • Are you gutters or metal roofing sheets rusted? They may need repairs or replacing.

Most roofs inspected will be displaying at least one of the above concerns.

To stay on top of these problems, it is advised to have a roof inspection carried out and repairs or a roof restoration completed earlier rather than later. Keeping a roof in tip top condition will ensure that minimal work needs to be carried further on down the track.