Taylors Lakes Roof Repairs and Roof Restorations

History of Taylors Lakes Roofing
Taylors Lakes is a suburb 23 km north-west of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
The suburb has only been recently developed with one of the first houses being built in 1990. One of Keilor’s earliest settlers was Scotsman William Taylor, who built the Overnewton homestead in 1849. Taylors Creek was then named after him. This in turn is where the name of the suburb originated. Taylors Lakes now has a growing population of 16,555.
Taylors Lakes roofs
Due to the newly developed estates in Taylors Lakes most roofs in the area are quite new and still in a good condition. However, unfortunately many of those roofs are at the age where a roof repair and roof restoration is required. The bedding or cement under the ridge capping will usually need to be maintained.
Most cement work on a roof has a typical life span of between 10 and 15 years.
After this time the cement will start deteriorating and require maintenance.
A typical Taylors Lakes roof repair and restoration
Any new estate in Melbourne today less than 30 years old, would usually require only minor roof repairs and maintenance. Most of the time little is needed if the original work completed was of a good standard.
Most roofs that have gone unmaintained will require a simple re-point / Re-bed. There are flexible pointing compounds that were made specifically to adhere to old and new cement.
Once you cement ridge capping, valleys, or gables develop areas of cracking, it is important to start the process of flexi pointing straight away. If the cement is left to un-maintained, it will be become unstable and turn a simple re-point into a full bed and point, adding extra expense to the roof repair job.
At Guardian Roofing Pty Ltd, we guarantee any repair we undertake for seven years.
A possible re-coating of paint could also be beneficial, in order to bring the roof back to its original condition, and to protect it from the elements.
Great products are currently available which reflect the harsh rays of the sun.
These products have been scientifically developed and tested and the results are fantastic. Most products can claim they actually reduce the temperature in your house by up 8 degrees, which could make a huge difference in summer.
Valley irons and gutters are still usually in good condition unless they have not been maintained correctly. This would involve cleaning on a monthly basis depending on how many trees are in the area, and routine roof and gutter inspections every few years.
Guardian Roofing has many options available when it comes to guttering repairs.
If they can’t be repaired then a Re-guttering solution is our specialty.