Sunshine Roof Repairs

Quick history Sunshine
It is within the heart of sunshine that you find distinctive architectural housing designs reminiscent of the Edwardian period.      Many housing projects were undertaken by H.V McKay’s in the early 19th century) These homes are best characterised by steep gabled corrugated iron clad and hipped roofs being some of the earliest examples. These homes were Weatherboard cladding with timber trimmed verandas set on large allotments.           

By the early 20th century Sunshine had a typical suburban feel of the working class family home. Some of these houses have been demolished and replaced over time however many still stand today under heritage listings. When you attain this to modern times one can assume many roofs, whether they are terracotta cement or iron have been neglected.  Over the years the battens that hold the tiles may have rotted, broken or become weak. Furthermore the cement and mortar would have cracked over the years and the ridge capping may have become loose and unstable.

Typical sunshine roof repair and restoration

Due to the age of roofs in the area it is likely that any house that has not had a roof inspection in the last ten years will require some type of roof repair or roof restoration. This may include; re-battening the roof or replacing weak and brittle tiles, re-cementing of ridge capping, valleys and gables, valley re-newels, metal sheeting replacements or full roof replacements.

Terracotta tiles can benefit from a pressure clean, as moss and algae can build up, blocking water course and preventing correct water flow. A sealer can then be applied to help prevent future moss build up.

A cement tiled roof can be pressure cleaned and then re-sealed with the best acrylic paint available on the market today.