Roof Replacement Cost

Roof Replacement Cost

There are many different aspects to consider when thinking about the cost of a roof replacement. Replacing a roof can be completed in many ways, determined of course by the existing roof structure. Let’s firstly look at whether a replacement is a necessary action to take for a deteriorated roof structure.


Tell-tale signs that your roof requires a roof replacement.

A detailed inspection of your roof carried out by a reputable roofing contractor will ensure that you diagnose correctly whether your roof needs a re-roof and the roof replacement cost associated with it. Below are some signs or wear that can be noticed on your roof prior to organizing your roofing professional.


A Tiled Roof

Roof tiles are a very robust roofing material. Roof tiles are made from either a terracotta or a concrete base. Both of these materials will require a replacement at some stage during their life. Let’s have a look at the signs that will determine whether a full roof replacement is required. For the following troubleshooting signs, we will assume that your roof is leaking.



The first thing that most people don’t realize is that a concrete roof whether it is new or old, does allow a certain amount of water to penetrate the surface. The water rolls down the bottom of the tile and out to the gutter line to be removed. It is the condition of the surface of the tile that determines how much water is absorbed.

The surface of your concrete roof tile can be inspected for signs of porosity. The cement surface of the roof tile becomes rough and large visible sand granules can be seen. Depending on the levels of porosity, this roof tile can or cannot be restored. Restoring the roof tile in this instance is a cheaper option than roof replacement cost. If the surface is too far gone, no amount of sealer is going to completely stop the water from penetrating through and a full roof replacement is necessary.

Another problem concrete roof tiles have is found in the water course of the tile. Over time the roof tile water course wears away and the tile develops its own channel where water has been diverting down. These roof tiles cannot be restored for a good reason. When restoring a roof, the tile must be pressure cleaned. Pressure cleaning the tile disturbs this ‘natural Eco system’ and water ingress issues can occur.



There is really only one way that a terracotta requires the need for a total replacement. Being such a good quality roofing material, a terracotta roof tile will last many years. Some roofs currently standing are more than one hundred years old. Over a long period of time however, a terracotta roof will become weaker. The tile over time will get to a point where any pressure will applied to the surface will crack the tile. These can be repaired (provided the roofing contractor can walk on the roof and gain access to the areas) however the repairs can be numerous and start occurring more frequently. Here, the roof replacement cost can be justified.



The Actual Cost

A concrete roof replacement cost Melbourne customers might have to pay could differ slightly from a cost say from Sydney. Also the overall pricing will vary from job to job. There are many factors to take into consideration that will affect estimations. For a standard roof with good access, you should expect to pay about $80 – $90 per meter squared. This would include the removal of the existing roof tiles to be discarded and then the installation of new standard concrete roof tiles.


A terracotta roofing system is always a little more expensive. The material is better and the process in which the installation is carried out is more involved. A fully glazed terracotta roof tile is even more expensive again but is at the top of the roof tile chain. For a full removal and re-install, one should budget for between $80 – $100 per meter square.


A roof with tiles can also undergo a roof replacement with a Colorbond system. This has become more in vogue in recent times. Like a tiled roof replacement, the tiles need to be removed and discarded. The Colorbond is then installed to metal battens which have been fastened to the roofing structure. For this service the cost can vary anywhere between $70 – $100 meters squared.


It is important to keep in mind that when converting your tiled roof to a metal roof, it is often a requirement that your local council be notified to possibly obtain a building permit. A roof may also be under a heritage overlay and and be required to stay the same color.

Converting a metal roof to a tiled roof requires a lot of rectification works and building permits ect. It is for this reason that this type is roof replacement is not recommended.


A roof replacement cost can vary according to the materials used and the work that the contractors do. When obtaining prices to determine your roof replacement cost is extremely important to firstly make sure that you get correct advice have only reputable companies quoting. Of course once you receive your quotation, it is important to compare apples with apples to find out what each contractor has quoted for.


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