Roof Tiles



Monier Strake


The Monier Strake roof tile is a solid roof tile used during the 1960?s – 1970?s. They are now obsolete and have been replaced by the current profile in traditional. Rather small and flat in profile, the Monier Strake looks quite smart. They do have their problems however. The water course of the roof tile tends to wear away and once the debris builds up too much in that water course area, any water can run over the edge of tile and into the roof space. This accounts for many leaks into homes with Monier Strake roof tiles installed. The remedy for this is the water blast or pressure clean roof tiles to remove the debris build up.

Other leakage issues occurs when the Monier Strake roof tiles are installed to low pitch areas and don’t have roof sarking under them.


Monier Elebana

The Monier Elebana is a classic concrete roof tile that has been around for about 25 years.

The simple design of the roof tile ensures that these can be installed by contractors with relevant ease and that future leakage issues with the roof are kept to minimum.


Quite a robust roof tile, the Monier Elebana is a great roof tile to restore when the time comes. It’s make up is that of a solid concrete mix and these roof tiles will remain solid for many years. The concrete in the roof tile actually hardens over time and Elebana becomes stronger.

Being a fairly common tile, Monier Elebana’s can be easily obtained both new and second hand.

The Monier Elebana roof tile is still in current production.  Elebana’s have a curved or raised section in the middle of the tile. Monier Elebana’s were first produced and used for roofing in Australia around the 1960?s – 1970?s to current.


Monier Traditional

A Monier Traditional roof tile is flat tile representing that of a slate roof and superseding the Monier Strake. The current profile of a Monier Traditional has a plastic strip installed to the watercourse and saves the need to sark the roof on low pitched areas. The plastic strip restricts the water from blowing back in and under the tile overlap.

Monier 100’s / Monier Tudor

The Monier 100 roof tile is a Tudor style product. Used for their streamlined look, their straight lines look quite smart on a roof.


Monier Shingle


Monier Shingle roof tiles, similar to the Traditional are a flat profiled tile with lines on the surface to suit the more modern home. These are a great quality roof tile.


Monier Continental

The Monier Continental is a Mediterranean style roof tile. With a wavy effect, these tiles are solid and very suitable for restoration. These Continental roof tiles can often be hard to come across.