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Short History of Burwood.

Burwood sits approximately 17kms Melbourne from the Melbourne CBD. With about 13000 people, Burwood, part of the Syndal area is quite a large city covering a big area.

The city of Burwood initially got its name in 1879. It was firstly named Ballyshanassy and then Norwood before its current name. The city started off around the cemetery and police station and later grew out to Toorak rd. with the establishment of commercial infrastructure.

With many schools to choose from and parklands to use in the local area, Burwood has much to offer its citizens.


Burwood Roofing

House roofs in the Burwood area consist of terracotta roofing, cement tiled roofing and also metal roofing – both galvanised and Zincalume. There also seems to be a lot of roofs in the area that have undergone a total roof replacement. This can be attributed to Burwood house roofs of about 60 – 90 years old that has deteriorated over that time. Often these roofs are in terrible condition and will not be able to be restored.

Burwood Roof Repair

A typical roof repair Burwood residents may require would be that of the ridge capping. A cement tiled roof can become quite fragile if left un-maintained. Also, it can often be dangerous (not to mention vulnerable of leaking) to have cement falling out in different places. Especially if the roof is a double story. It is often the case that roofs in this condition will require a full roof restoration. A typical Burwood roof repair may also consist of a valley repair or replacement.

A metal roof can sometimes be rusted or heading in that direction. Flashings or metal penetrations could be oxidising (rusting) and need a replacement. Recently, there have been cases of roofing coming out of China claiming to be a quality product (Colorbond). Unfortunately, for the unsuspecting customer this metal roofing is inferior and often rusts out within the first few years of installation.

Another area to keep an eye on would be the guttering system. Built up rust cannot be seen from the bottom. A close inspection of the inside of the guttering can reveal corrosion. This corrosion may be a simple fix or a problem requiring a tradesman.



Roof Restoration Burwood


A typical Roof restoration Burwood residents may expect could be in the form of roof painting or roof sealing. Roof painting and roof sealing consists of applying a quality roofing membrane on to the roof. It is recommended to have this treatment completed to your roofing every 8 – 12 years. A cement tiled roof that has been maintained in this fashion will customarily be quite strong. This painting is done after a full repair of the roof has been made including a complete pressure clean. A terracotta roof restoration would commonly include a full repair, re-pointing work and then a possible re-seal. We use a great surface re-sealer which ensures that your terracotta surface is kept in tip top condition.


No matter what a Burwood roof may need, rest assured that Guardian Roofing are the experts.