Recent Work

Recent Work


Project: Roof Restoration
Tiled Roof: Cement Tiles (Atlas)

Job Cost: $3000 – $4000

Colour: Rivergum Green

Time Taken: 4 days

Number of Workers on job: 4


After initially inspecting the roof at the customer’s request, it was apparent that the roof was in need of a restoration. Cement was falling out in various places, the valleys were slightly rusted (surface rust) and the roof looked like it had gone un-maintained and without any roof restorations undertaken for many years.
A plan was made for the repairs needed and the materials and colour choices then chosen for job. Being a porous old Atlas tile, the customer was given the option of having a high build product used, making the job a four coat process. The high build product (Maxi build) is applied after the primer and fills in the un-even surface of the tile, in preparation for the two top sealer coats.
Without a filler product, the tile soaks up the paint and the finished result is not as glossy. The filler product will also extend the life of the roof coating.

Day 1.

Firstly, an initial JSA highlighted the fact that guardrail was to be installed. The roof was slightly over the legal height required to have safety barriers installed. The guardrail was installed according to manufactures guidelines. The ridge capping needed repairing and re-cementing in some areas. The valley had a rust kill product applied to kill the surface rust.

Day 2.

The roof was then pressure cleaned and flexi pointed. The perimeter of the house was cleaned up, including the driveway and all windows ledges, gutters and fascia.

Day 3.

The Primer and the Maxi Build are applied. The weather is not ideal for painting and coats are not drying very quickly. It is decided that we wait a day to continue the roof painting applications.

Day 4.

The final two sealer coats are applied and the guard rail is taken down. The job is then inspected and any minor touch ups are made.

The customer is very happy with the end result and pays the tradesman on completion.



  • Roof Restoration
  • Gutter Re-Installation and Fascia Capping

Tiled Roof: Cement Tiles (Monier Elebana)

Job Cost: $8000 – $12000


Roof – Charcoal

Gutters & Fascia – Wilderness

Time Taken: 9 days

Number of Workers on job: 7


Roof restorations combined with gutter and fascia work require a lot more organisation and take more time to complete than roof restorations on their own. There is a set system to follow and any hiccup in the process will hold up the next task.

This particular roof was about 16years old and requiring a roof restoration or general maintenance. The ridge capping was loosing some cement in places with cracks clearly visible in many areas. The customer opted for a complete roof restoration. The roof tile surface is in great condition apart from colour loss so it is advised that 3 coats of our Nu-Roof range is sufficient. The guttering were also rusted and required attention. The customer decided to get the gutters re-installed and fascia capping installed using Colorbond. Fascia capping is always a great idea if you have wooden fascia that is partly rotted or in ordinary condition. The fascia capping is installed over the wood surface and provides instant protection and stability. The added benifitt is that one does not have to paint the fascia again.

Day 1.

Broken tiles are changed and the roof is washed down. The property surrounds are cleaned up to the customers satisfaction including the next door neighbours property.

Day 2.

The old gutters are removed and the fascia capping installation is started. This task proves to be a little tricky as the are carport beams and other structures in the way to cut around. The fascia capping process takes about 2 days to complete.

Day 5.

The new quad guttering is installed in the customers chosen colour to match the fascia capping. New levels are set for correct fall (as the levels change over time). The gutter installation takes 1 day.

Day 6.

All the ridge capping that has been disturbed due to the guttering and fascia work are repaired. Any more chipped tiles are changed and all the ridge capping are flexipointed using flexible pointing. The roof is now ready for painting.

Day 7.

Its too windy to paint today. A primer is applied before the wind picks up to about 35 kms. The following day looks much better so our tradesmen will wait.

Day 9.

The final 2 top coats are applied in dark charcoal and final inspection of the roof and gutters are carried out. The roof passes all tests and the customers advise that they are happy with final job. Only then we invoice the customer.


Project: Re-Bed and Point

Tiled Roof: Terracotta Roof tiles (Monier Wunderlich)

Job Cost: $4000 – $5000

Colour: Burntwood Brown

Time Taken: 3 days

Number of Workers on job: 4


This customer had just had thier guttering replaced by another company and required thier ridge capping to be repaired. It was also decided that the valley irons should also be changed and the rest of the ridgecapping repaired and re-pointed. The flexible Pointing was matched to the darkest tile on the roof.

Day 1.

Mandatory handrail required for this job was errected. The guys continued to repair the shell ends and first few ridge capping around the roof perimeter. Once these were repaired, the rest of the ridge capping were checked for looseness, and repaired as required. All loose debris was then scrapped off all the ridge capping cement (with a wire brush) and the roof swept down. The roof is now prepared for pointing.

Day 2.

Being a fully glazed roof tile, the moister takes a little while to dry off the tiles. Moister on fully glazed roof tiles is very dangerous to be walked on. Once dry, the guys proceed pointing the roof. being quite a large roof, we have 10 tubs of roof pointing. We keep an eye on the weather at regular intervals and realise that some rain is a few hours off. not wanting our work to get washed out, a decision is made to cease work and come back again when we can expect a good lenght of drying time.

Day 3.


Day 4.

The pointing is finished off, the roof swept down and the gutters cleaned out. The roof gets checked 3 or so times for any broken tiles or work that may have been missed. Once our tradesmen are satiisfied with the result, the handrail is dismantled. The customer is shown the roof and has a good look around. Once satified, a cheque was presented.

Another happy customer!


Project: Ridge Repairs, Gutter Replacement and Fascia Repairs / Gable Painting

Tiled Roof: Terracotta Roof tiles (Monier Wunderlich UNGLAZE)

Job Cost: $15,000- $20,000

Colour: Colorado Orange (Flexible Pointing), Monument (Fascia) Monument (Gutters and Downpipes)

Time Taken: 16 days

Number of Workers on job: 9


The age of this particular roof was about 18 years old. The customer had noticed deterioration in the cement and some rusted areas in the gutters. Upon inspection, it was clear that all the gutters needed replacement and that the ridge capping needed repairs and an upgrade to Flexible pointing. The valley cement was to be replaced with a Valley Seal. While the gutters were removed and the fascia exposed, it was also decided that they were to be re-painted at the same time.

Day 1.

Handrail installed and safety check are made. Ladder is tied and secured. Ridgcapping work is commenced. The loose cement is removed from the ridge capping and necessary ridgecapping re-bedded.  Any broken roof tiles are replaced.

Day 2.

The repairs to the ridgecapping continues. All the cement is removed from the vally irons. The installation of the valley seal is started.

Day 3.

The valley seal installation continues. The flexible pointing of the ridgecapping also starts.

Day 4.

The flexible pointing of the ridgecapping continues. The gable repairs and flexible pointing is also started.

Day 5.

The guttering removel commences. The gutters are removed in sections at a time to save on the amount of water landing around the house.

Day 6.

Saturday. No-one is working today.

Day 7.

Sunday. No-one is working today.

Day 8.

The painting and the repairs of the Fascia is started. We are using a Dulux Weathershield Heat Resistant paint.

Day 9.

Raining. There is not much we can today.

Day 10.

The guttering is being removed and installed while the fascia is also being painted. The job is going well and exactly as planned.

Day 11.

Raining today. Some clean up of the site is being done. Rubbish is taken away.

Day 12.

The last of the guttering is removed and the rest of the fascia is painted. The paint will need to dry and guttering installation will resume tomorrow.

Day 13.

Saturday – No work

Day 14.

Sunday – No work

Day 15.

The guttering installation is completed today. The roof is checked over for any more broken tiles. It is also inspected for any areas that may have been missed. Thetradesmen are happy with everything and handrail is ordered to be taken down.

Day 16.

The rail is now removed. The site has one last clean up.