Re-Roofing Basics

Re-roofing is important for every house since it’s the roof that can make big a difference in how a house appears. It adds to its overall beauty so it is very important for most people to have a good-looking roof for their house. It is also essential that the roof is maintained and fully functional. Most roofing materials become ineffective after a certain number of years mainly due to the effect of the climate such as excess heat during the summer and extreme wintery conditions. For this reason re-roofing is always necessary after a certain number of years.

Some of the signs that a house requires re-roofing include leakages, colour fading and breakages. This procedure will help stop leakages, make your house look more attractive and also increase its value. Increase in value is important in the event that you may need to re-sell the house. A new roof on a home is a great investment. Though most house experts normally say the most important part of the house is the structure, for any layman what they first see is the visual exterior starting from the roof down to the paintwork and decking.

With the need to conserve energy, most building professionals recommend the use of energy efficient roofing materials like the roof tiles, which are manufactured using process, which do not require use of chemicals. So re-roofing and choosing your product, it is important to use environmentally friendly materials like the clay tiles, sand tiles or cement tiles.

Re-roofing a house is a procedure, which needs to be well planned. First one has to hire a roofing professional who will have to advise on how long the project will take, what materials will be used, and the total cost of the project including his terms of payments. In addition to that, one will also have to consider the prevailing weather since extreme whether can affect the job of re-roofing or even the safety of the person doing the work.

One also has to consider the costs of removing the existing roof. The existing roof will have to be brought down first in a proper way such that the house structure is not interfered with and also the costs will have to be taken into consideration. Building permits can sometimes come into play. A roof with a heritage overlay will need to be replicated or made to stick as close to its original design as possible. Also the compound can be made dirty in the process, which add an additional cost cleaning it

Before the whole project begins, the house owner will also have to consider how long the whole process will take so that he can get alternative accommodation for himself and his family, and work out what times are safe for entering the house. Most re-roofing jobs are conducted in 2 or 3 sessions with the roof being in a stable condition after the completion of each day’s work.

Colour of the whole house is also important to take into consideration while re-roofing. One has to choose a colour which matches all the other exterior features in the house, be it the wall colours, gutters, or the frames.

While re-roofing using the environmentally friendly materials, one needs to consider that while Clay roofing tiles are natural, they require more reinforcement which may mean that one may have to spend more. Roof Sarking may need to be used. But the good thing is that use of Clay tiles while will ensure durability. Clay tiles lasts for a reasonably long period of time