New Roofing Melbourne

New Roofing Installations


Whether you are a Melbourne builder, part of a Melbourne body corporate entity or a domestic / residential client, Guardian Roofing are the trusted experts in the Melbourne new roofing industry. We have formed many great relationships with builders. We go out of our way to make sure our level of service is higher than our competitors. We really go out of our way to look after our customers. New roofing Melbourne residents may require could include:

  • New Colorbond Roofing
  • New Zincalume Roofing
  • New Roof Tile  (Cement) Installation
  • New Roof Tile  (Terracotta) Installation
  • New Slate Tile Installations

The roof above your home is just so important. Unfortunately, that fact is that there are many individuals and companies that do not know how to install a roof correctly. We have heard of countless stories and have also been required to fix many Melbourne roofing installations gone wrong. Any of the above materials require a skilled company to carry out the work. It is important to ensure that Australian Standards and manufactures guidelines have been adhered to. It is also very important to make sure that the roof installation company completing any work for you has full insurance policies and can provide certificates of currencies.

For any new roofing installation Melbourne residents must start with a plan of drawings being sent to the office. PDF plans are preferred as we have our tools that measure everything up quite easily. Within the plans, we require the elevations, topic roof views and floor plans. We also need the plans to be scaled correctly. It usually doesn’t matter which scale they are drawn at, provided the measurements are accurate.

After we receive the roof plans, we require about 4 days to chase up pricing on materials and ensure that all our measurements are correct in order to provide an accurate quote. Some quotes are simple and can be organised that same day. Often, we are also waiting on the scaffolding company to come back with pricing as every scaffolding project is different.

Once we have a price worked out, we can forward on our quotation. We will usually email this. Many times, a customer will have another quotation or maybe 2. They might be cheaper or they may be dearer. Budget can often be the main determining factor in whom they choose for the job. We always ask our potential customers to give us a chance to match the roof installation quotation or get as close as we can to it. We are an honest company and if we can match it we will. If we can’t match it, we will never jeopardize the quality at which we conduct our work. We would rather give up the job. In this case we simply can’t help this customer and wish them all the best with the job. We always stress the importance to perspective clients to not only look at pricing, but also look at who they feel will do the right job on their roof. Often following a gut instinct should come into play when choosing your new roofing installation company.

Once our customers are happy to proceed with the new roofing installation quotation, we require a deposit to be paid and also the quotation to be signed and returned. We need all the details to be filled out correctly including colour choices and inclusions / exclusions ect. We then file this for your records and also for ours. It will form part our records for any warranty issue. We will then schedule in an approximate date and confirm the date of install once we have estimate arrival times from manufactures ect.

When choosing a Melbourne company to undertake your new roofing installations, just make sure you do your homework. Know what’s involved, know rough procedures’, rough pricing and don’t be scared to ask questions. Ask questions before the project and during the job if need be. As I mentioned, the most important thing to ensure is that you need to be comfortable with the company doing the work. Following these guidelines will greatly increase your chances that you will receive a great roofing installation.