Metal Roof Restoration

When old metal roofs get to a point where they can no longer be repaired or have a restoration undertakien, they are in need of a total Re-Roof.

Many years ago, going back as far as the late 19th century, all galvanized corrugated roof sheets were made from wrought iron. The process of galvanizing requires the sheets being hot dipped in molten zinc.

From 1890 to around 1910 the steel making and processing methods got substantially better and as a result, Mild Steel replaced wrought iron as the metal roofing material of choice. Galvanized Steel has a limited life span due to its oxidizing properties, and if not looked after correctly can corrode easily.

The manufacture and usage of this galvanized steel material continued to be the only metal roofing material used until about 1976. BHP had introduced a new coating to their product consisting of a half Zinc and half Aluminum combination. They called this product ZINCALUME®. Galvanized steel is still produced today however ZINCALUME® is much more widely used. Both products are available in an oven baked, pre-painted finish which allows for much longer lasting durability and a rich colour fastness.

As your metal roofing begins to show signs of aging, including rust, loose nails /screws or flaking / faded paint, there are other actions that can be taken to remedy these problems.

You may even decide that you simply want to change the colour because you don’t like it.

Your metal roof can be restored by using the latest re-coating technology. Your metal roof is firstly prepared using high pressure to clean and remove any grime and loose paint.

Killing rust areas with a quality rust killer is done next. This is an important step to take so that rust will not re-appear after painting.

The condition of your roof will determine which primer we apply. An extensively rusted roof may require a heavy duty primer. A roof in good condition with only minimal rust will only require our standard primer. With one coat of primer applied, your roof is ready for the top coats.

After the top coats are applied, the end result is a fantastic looking roof almost as visually striking as new Colorbond material.