Melbourne Roof Seal

A Proper Roof Seal


A roof seal is the term used for a roof restoration. There are currently many Melbourne companies that offer a roof seal. It is the difference in the quality and longevity of the finish, and level of workmanship that separates the good companies from the premium companies.


When it comes to a roof seal Melbourne has many customers in the market for this kind of roof work. These Melbourne customers are being faced with the tough task of finding the right company. A company that cares for its customers, and who can be trusted to complete the job using the highest quality workmanship. When deciding on who completes your roof seal, there are some important questions that must be asked of any potential applicator.


  • Ask to look any work previously completed in the area by the company. When looking at these roofs, sometimes it even pays to knock on the door to have a chat with these past customers. Stand back and have a good look at the roof. Note the colour and in particular, the evenness of the roof seal.
  • Ask the applicator if they hold all their current insurances including relevant HIA membership, work cover policy’s and public liability. Being a hi risk trade, it is very important the company can provide these details for your peace of mind. The last thing you want is for the contractor to have an accident on the job and liability has been directed at you.
  • Read up on the correct roof seal process. Ask the contractor about the stages of work in which they plan to carry out on your roof. It is wise to compare ‘apples with apples’. Being well informed helps you to understand exactly what each contractor brings to the table.
  • Ask the contractor about the time-frame in which they intend to have your roof sealing completed in. It is important to ensure that the company don’t plan on starting the roof and then moving on to another project while your roof sits there half finished. You also don’t want a restoration or roof seal finished in one day. Expect to have your complete seal completed in about 3 to 4 days (weather pending of course). For a roof seal Melbourne, the weather will often be a determining factor in how long the job will take.
  • Ask your roof sealer about the products they intend on using. There are many different products on the market and many are of a low quality and used only for budget roof projects. Melbourne roof seal companies should use products that have a warranty of 7 years.


There are many types of roof seal products available on the Melbourne and Australian market. There are many sealants for concrete roof tiles especially. These products come in heat resistant, flat, high gloss being consisted of both an acrylic and thinner base. Although acrylic is much more popular due it’s elasticity and durability. The flexible nature of the acrylic products allow for movement of the roof without cracking or splitting. There are also good products on the market which allow the roof seal of terracotta roof tiles. The particular terracotta seal products can also have a coloured tint added if required to give the roof tiles an overall blended finish. There are clear glazes, quality roof primers, and great colored sealants.


No matter who you choose to complete your roof seal Melbourne, if the simple steps above are followed you can guarantee that you will receive a great job. The problems only arise when hasty customers rush out and choose the cheapest quote. They do little home work and don’t ask any questions, and then wonder why their roof is peeling 1 year later. The tradesman they had do the roof can’t be contacted. Unfortunatley, we come accross this in our indusrty all the time. Companies that quote on the same job much cheaper, and then use inferior pruducts or take shortcuts. It does frustrate us because it gives the roof restoration industry a bad name.

There is much information on our site about the roof restoration process and the roofing products that we use. Please take the time to read through and make sure you have all the correct information to make an informed decision on who you choose to complete your roof re-seal project.