Melbourne Roof Restoration Cost

Roof Restoration Cost:

A typical full roof restoration cost to an average Melbourne cement tiled home can range anywhere from $3200 – $5800 depending on many variables. This would include repairs to ridge capping, valleys, and gables and a full re-coat of roof paint ranging from 3 – 4 coats. It is hard to quote a set price for any roof restoration without looking at the job as many factors need to be addressed.


People often ask me to give them a roof restoration cost over the phone; I will ask for a rough square count of the home and then offer a large ball park figure.


Here is a list of variables that need to be considered before any roofing cost can be given.


Roof Height / Pitch

  • Is your roof a single story or a double story?
  • Does your roof slope at the front or rear requiring and extra cost for hand rail or a harness? In Melbourne,hand rail is often required and is MANDATORY to use when various hazards are identified.
  • Are there hazards within 2 meters of your roof requiring risk control measures (hand rail) to be set in place?
  • A double story roof restoration will require more labor involvement and thus, vary the cost.
  • A steep pitched roof will require more paint which creates extra cost. It also requires extra care and extra safety measures.
  • The roof restoration process is much slower as the pitch of the roof gets steeper.

Roof Area and Shape:

  • A large roof will obviously need a lot more paint than a smaller roof. The roof restoration coatings we use at Guardian Roofing are very good quality, and hence cost us more than those of other inferior brands.
  • If your roof has gables, they will require hand painting. This takes more time and is factored in to the roof restoration cost.
  • On a double story house, care is taken when painting on the single section around the perimeter. We ensure that no paint is left on walls or windows. This involves the machine pressure to be turned down and drop sheets to be used adding time and cost to the roof restoration job.
  • How many ridge capping, Valley’s and Gables does your roof have? The more repair work, including re-pointing, re-cementing, and supply of ridge capping and tiles that is required, the more time is spent on the roof restoration. The more materials that are used, the more the costing varies.

Products Used

  • The quality of products that are used for roof restorations can vary significantly. There are many cheap products of inferior quality available being sold in Melbourne. These coatings can be purchased cheaply and the roof restoration cost can be kept right down. Guarantees for these products can range from 0 to 6 years. Often price should not come into play when deciding on a good quality roof restoration.
  • It is important to use a paint that has a minimum guarantee of 7 years. A good paint application will last a minimum of 7 years, providing that the correct roof restoration process has been followed. Paints that have higher warranty periods such as the heat reflective NXT COOL ZONE (10 years) and Dulux Acrytex (10 years) will cost a little more. There are many companies operating in Melbourne that will offer you more than ten years warrantee on your roof restoration. It is impossible for anyone to guarantee this. Paint will naturally fade over time and any guarantee over ten years is not worth the paper it is written on.


Condition of Tiles

  • Are your tiles over forty years old? Having old roof tiles will often mean that a 4 coat process will need to be applied. This can vary a roof restoration cost in Melbourne. A product such as High Build also can be used. This fills in the porous holes and prepares the roof tiles for the subsequent top coats, giving the tile a longer lasting and top quality gloss finish.
  • Where your tiles are newer or painted within the last 12 years, a 3 coat process will only need to be used reducing the cost of the roof restoration.
  • Do you require Terracotta tiles to be painted? Contrary to what most other roofing companies will tell you, a terracotta roof tile can be painted. However, the products that are used in order for the roof painting applications to stick are quite expensive and add extra cost to the restoration. All terracotta roof will require mandatory safety rail if pressure cleaning is to be involved.
  • Are your tiles in new condition and you just want to change the colour? Then a simple clean and 2-3 coats is applied and minimal repair work is carried out. This can be a very effective way of keeping you roof painting cost down.

Are your Gutters, Flashing’s and Valley Irons in Good Condition?

  • Do your valley irons need to be replaced? Are your flashing’s in good condition? Are you gutters in good condition? These are questions you must ask yourself before deciding on a restoration. It is often a great idea to get all these attended to at the same time. It can save you money down the track on repairs where tradesmen need to come back and fix problems that could have been sorted out at the same time as the roof paiting. Often, repairs to gutters and valley irons after your roof restoration will require disturbing your roofs newly painted surface. This will in turn require roof repairs and increase the price of total works.



A roof restoration cost can vary quite dramatically between different companies. It is important to know the process involved and what each company have quoted for. You need to weigh up all your options, and don’t just look at pricing. As importantly is understanding what each company is offering and the quality of products which they will using while conducting their work.



A WORD OF WARNING about those roofing companies that display their ads on street poles and other public areas!! They offer very low roof painting cost Melbourne residents often get tricked into. Since it is illegal to advertise on council property, these companies constantly change their phone numbers to avoid fines for displaying public adverts. Hence they are fly by nighters whose guarantees are worthless to its customers! Unfortunately, when things go wrong they are never able to be contacted again.


We have attended many a call out to a restoration completed by these rogue companies. Roofs have been left in extremely poor condition with broken tiles left in, and in some cases whole tiles left out! We have inspected these roofs and found them to be of a highly substandard. Some of these repairs have cost the customers a lot more than the original roof painting cost!!


At the end of the day, you don’t need to pay through the nose for a good roof restoration. When factoring in your roof restoration cost Melbourne, to a certain degree you do get what you pay for. If you want a cheap job, go for the cheapest price. If you want a great, professional job and one that will last, do your homework and pick a reputable Melbourne company who you think you can trust and who will be around long after your warranty period has expired.


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