Keilor Roof Repairs

History of Keilor
It was about 1838 when the first European settlements were established by pastorals James Watson and Alexander Hunter. James Watson named the area after a place called Keilor in Foreshore, Scotland where he grew up on his dad’s farm. W Watson from Scotland was the first land-holder in the area. During the gold rush, Keilor was a vibrant camping place for bullock teams coming from and going to the diggings at Castlemaine and Ballarat. The Wurundjeri Aborigines inhabited the area for approximately 40,000 years. It is one of the oldest inhabited sites in Australia. Keilor now has a population of 5,670. Keilor village has managed to retain a very unique country feel as more modern areas such as Keilor East and Keilor Park have emerged.

Keilor Roofs
Just like many of Melbourne’s suburbs Keilor now has a wide variety of old and new roofs. Older roofs are made up of Terracotta and slate tiles, and old metal roof sheets. The newly constructed houses consist of both new Terracotta and concrete tiles, and new Colorbond roofing. Unless these roofs have undergone a roof restoration in the last 10 years then it is highly likely that they are in need of some maintenance and TLC.

A typical Keilor roof repair and roof restoration
A typical old roof in Keilor would need repairs completed and a roof restoration of some degree. These would include; some re-battening work, re-bedding and pointing of ridge capping, valleys and gables and a possible re-coating of the tile surface.

It is very important to keep the ridge capping of any roof well maintained.
A double story is especially important to keep maintained by performing a roof restoration every 10 – 15 years.  The higher the roof is elevated, the more it is exposed to higher winds and harsher weather. Thus, deterioration of the roofing materials is accelerated. Flexible pointing, including collar installation is highley reccomeded for second story roofs.

Over time, cement deteriorates and breaks away from the ridge capping and tiles causing ridges to slip and become very unstable. Loose cement lying on your roof can become quite a hazard and often falls on to neighboring housing or property.

Houses situated in the newer areas of Keilor such as Keilor East and Keilor Park usually require some maintenance. As the houses are relatively new and being built withing the last 30 years, they might not have undergone any roof restoration work. This is vital to ensure your roof is working at its optimum. Often the roofs will require a full re-bed and point and a re-coating to bring the surface back up to a new condition.

Other possible repairs may include valley re-newels and metal re-roofs.

Gutters or spouting should be maintained by performing routine clean outs. They should also be inspected once a year for any rust spots and blockages, and gutter repairs made as required.

If a gutter suddenly develops an area of rust, it is quite common the problem is they that they are either blocked, or the gutters are falling the wrong way.