Ivanhoe Roof Repairs

Ivanhoe Roof Repairs.

Brief history of Ivanhoe.
Ivanhoe is a suburb in Melbourne situated about 10kms away from the CBD. Being a very old suburb, Ivanhoe has many older style homes dating back to the late 1900?s and early 20th century.
The suburb of Ivanhoe dates back to 1837 (when it was surveyed) with housing lots being sold the year after. By the mid 1850?s, the suburb of Ivanhoe Village was given its name, believed to have originated from Sir William Scotts Novel. In 1853 a school was opened along with an Anglican church. In 1874 Ivanhoe’s first post office was built.


Typical Roofing In Ivanhoe

Being a very old area and consisting of houses of some prestige, Ivanhoe roofing tends to be made from Terracotta styled roofs. Over the years, these roofs have been updated and undergone full roof restoration. For this reason frequent roof repairs are often being made on required roofing. It is also not uncommon to see very old rusted metal roofing of a galvanised material. Many metal roofs have been upgraded to either a Zincalume or Colorbond material.
Common Roof Repairs or roof restorations

The age of the roof will determine what roof repairs are needed and if the roofing is able to undergo a full roof restoration. Over time, a terracotta roof tile will become weak. One the roof tile gets to a certain weakness, it is nearly impossible work on them. In such a case, a full roof replacement will be required.
Homeowners should look for visible signs of aging. Loose mortar, rusted valley irons, slipped ridge capping, broken tiles, extreme moss build up are just some of the problems to watch for and identify. These issues are all repairable and benefit greatly from having a roof restoration completed providing the roof tiles are in a condition warranting the initial roof repairs.


It is important to have your roof periodically inspected. A healthy roof will ensure that the contents it covers is safe from the elements. There is nothing worse than having to complete extensive repairs to the inside of your home, caused by a simple problem on the roof that could have been avoided if you only looked up once in a while.
Roof repairs and roof restorations are vital in the maintenance of your roof. The longer these roof issues are left to get worse, the more damage and deterioration is caused  and thus the harder and more expensive the repairs are.
So give us a call and talk to one of our helpfull staff about issue you may have noticed on your roof. We will then advise you on what we think is the best solution.