Hoppers Crossing Roof Repairs and Roof Restorations

History of Hoppers Crossing Roofing

Until the subdivision of land in 1963 Hoppers Crossing’s only feature was the general store. Its first shopping centre built in 1970 was called Woodville Park. Now Hoppers Crossing proudly houses the Werribee Plaza, Hogan’s Corner, Manor Lakes shopping centre, Wyndham Village and Point Cook Town Centre shopping centres. 
The Wyndham shire, including Hoppers Crossing, Werribee, Werribee South and Tarneit is the third fasting growing area in Australia. Hoppers Crossing now has a population of 38,108.

A typical Hoppers Crossing Roof
At first glance, a typical 20 year old Hoppers Crossing roof may look new and in good condition. The tiles will be in very sound condition. However upon close inspection, one will find that the motor and pointing between the ridge capping and bedding will be cracking up and possibly unstable. The surface of the roof tile will be faded.
The introduction of Flexi Point (a flexible coating used in ridge cap strengthening) ten years ago, arrived too late for the already booming suburb. The newly constructed housing missed out on the fantastic benefits of this product.
It is now in the Australian standards that each roof pointed must be done with flexible pointing. This product is specially designed with acrylic hardeners and is flexible, allowing slight ridge cap movement as houses naturally shift, whilst minimising cracking.
The typical roof in Hoppers Crossing that has not been well maintained will require some ridge cap work to be done.
Re-coating of cement tiled roofs is also advised in order to achieve a look that resembles one of its original condition.
This will also ensure that the tiles and ridge cap work will remain sound and strong.
Valleys and gutters might also need some attention. These may be rusted out and need replacing or repairing.
Roofs in the Werribee or Werribee South vacinity are older and may be in a worse condition.
Typical Hoppers Crossing roof repair and restoration

Cement tiled roofs require maintenance every 10 to 15 years
Since most roofs in Hoppers Crossing are fairly new, they are still in a reasonable condition. However, new cement and pointing would be the usual steps taken to restore these roofs back to a sound condition. We use specially formulated products such as Flexi Point to bond the ridge capping, valleys and gables. These products come with substantial warrantees.
It is also a good idea to check the surface of the tiles. They will probably require pressure cleaning and a re-coating of paint in order to preserve the tiles and protect them from the harsh Australian sun.
The coatings we use are of the highest quality. They maintain a supreme gloss finish and also come with long guarantees.
 Terracotta roofs, mainly in the Werribee area may also benefit from a pressure clean to remove unsightly lichen and moss build up.

Roofs in Werribee often collect Moss and Algei.

Werribee, Werribee South, Werribee North are also withing our serviced areas.