Hawthorn Roof Repairs and Restorations

Hawthorn Roof Repairs and Restorations

Short History of Hawthorn

Hawthorn is a suburb that lies 6km east of the Melbourne CBD. It neighbouring suburbs include Camberwell, Kew, Toorak, Abbotsford and Richmond. Considered as a middle class suburb, Hawthorn’s population currently sits at about 26,000.

Hawthorn was first settled in the late 1830’s. It is said to have gotten its name from a conversation involving Charles La Trobe who mentioned that the various native shrubs resembled those of the flowing Hawthorn bushes. The Cities of Camberwell, Hawthorn and Kew were amalgamated in 1994 to form the city of Boroondara.

The city of Hawthorn is highly noted for its beautiful parklands and numerous prestigious private schools. Only St Kilda can boast to have as many.

Typical Roof in Hawthorn

The typical house roof in Hawthorn would mainly consist of a terracotta roof tile. Galvanised metal roofs are also very common, however with many clay potteries established in the area during the times of early construction, good quality clay roof tiles were being produced in mass.

As mentioned, the majority of terracotta roof tiles used for dwellings 80+ years ago were made of superior quality and are today quite strong and serviceable. These roofs may have undergone roof repairs or roof restorations throughout their life time.

Concrete roof tiles have also been used in the area but not as extensively. They do not in with the old Victorian and period style homes that areas of Hawthorn, Abbotsford, Toorak, and Richmond consist of.

Hawthorn Roof Repair or Restoration

A repair or a  roof restoration to a typicall house in Hawthorn would commonly involve a pressure clean, Re-Bed and Point and valley change and Re-Coating of sealer. Most of the time, this simple roof restoration process will maintain the roof to a perfect condition requiring very minimal maintenance for many years to come.

Sometimes a roof will require more extensive roof repairs. Structural problems can occur in roofs and require battens to be replaced, tiles to be re-aligned or re-layed. On occasions an old terracotta roof tile may have became quite brittle over time and might not be worth performing a roof restoration on. These tiles are discarded and new terracotta tiles installed in place.

A metal roof that has gone untouched for many years would require a roof check. It may be necessary to replace the roof covering with a more updated product such as Colorbond or Zincalume. The gutters may also need attention.

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