Gutter Problems

Are your Gutters rusted out?

It’s a good idea to have your spouting periodically inspected and repairs made at the first sign of any abnormal wear and tear.

Gutters can become blocked and can cause large volumes of water to sit stagnantly in those areas. This section of the gutter can quickly begin to start oxidizing (rusting).

Small amounts of water sitting in the one blocked area can also create a low spot in the guttering. This will ensure that even when the gutters have been cleaned and unblocked, there is still water pooling in that section, causing that rust and further lowing the spouting.

Rust from the guttering can easily spread to metal sections of the roof, which in turn can quickly become a problem.

It is important to note that the main cause for all gutter and downpipe problems is the accumulation of leaves and debris. Periodic cleaning of the gutters will help to keep the water flowing correctly, and small foreign build up will continue on down through to the storm pipes.

Having large down pipes of at least 75mm – 90mm is also recommended as they allow much more water down and prevent leaves from building up easily.

Keep an eye on your houses foundations. Once you detect dipping and bowing of your Fascia boards, you will probably notice that gutter is also holding water in that area. This can be caused by many things.

A regular occurrence with older houses is that the storm pipes in the ground (commonly clay) will crack or completely shatter. The water from your roof runs into the downpipes and stormwater drain only to leak into and around your houses foundation. The more the storm pipe is broken, the more water will escape into the ground. If left un-repaired, structural problems will become an issue.

Keep on top of guttering problems and perform regular checks and maintenance, and you will ensure that your roof will stay perfectly functional for many years.