Gutter Guard

There are many different styles of gutter guards currently out in the Melbourne marketplace. All of which have different names. It is therefore very hard for home owners to try and work out which product would suit their purpose.

Some names of the various products include:

Gutter Guard Melbourne, Leafscreener, Leafbusters, Leaf guard, complete  leaf care, gutter mesh and the host of different names goes on.

These systems are a very important aspect of having a well maintained property. Ensuring your spouting is constantly clear will safeguard that storm water outlets stay clear and flowing, roofing systems function correctly and water tanks collect a better quality of water. These are just some of the benefits.

Gutter Guard

The most important aspect of choosing the right leaf guard or gutter guard is that it has to do its job properly. There’s no point wasting money on a product that will not make life easier (and safer). For a gutter mesh to be effective, it must keep out the leaves and other foreign matter that would otherwise go into your guttering or spouting and sit there causing issues. For any good system of gutter guard Melbourne homeowners should ensure that they do the following;

  • Stop most or all debris from entering the spouting and be allowed to fall off the roof by itself. This is important as it will determine whether homeowner needs to access the roof
  • Not build up any debris around the gutter mesh product requiring maintenance time to time
  • Be very strong and durable, able to cope with the harsh Melbourne or Australian climate
  • Blend in with your properties colour scheme and aesthetic appearance
  • Comply with any bushfire overlays


Customers are always asking us how much is gutter guard? The initial outlay on a leaf protection product is generally not cheap. Like most products and services, you get what you pay for. The cheaper brands require much more maintenance and over time will deteriorate. It is therefore important to make sure you pick a quality product that will last. The complete gutter protection supply and installation should cost anywhere from $25 per meter to $40 per meter pending  the product used and pitch and material on the roof ect. No job is the same. It is therefore necessary for us to view the property before we can offer an exact quotation.

Call us today for a free measure and quote or advice on which system would best suit your property.