Greensborough Roof Repairs

Greensborough Roof Repairs and Roof Restoration

Guardian Roofing Pty Ltd are the experts when it comes to roof restorations and roof repairs in and around the Greensborough area.
Short History of Greensborough

The Greensborough Township itself was first established around 1854 by a settler of the name Edward Bernard Green. Its early primary use was for grazing. Greensborough has since retained its leafy setting whilst growing to be quite a large suburb. Its current population sits at around 34,000 residents.


A Greensborough Roof Repair / Roof Restoration

A typical roof repair or roof restoration to a property in Greensborough may consist of a few different things.
Metal Roofing:

–          Flat metal roofing is very prevalent in the Greensborough area. This form of metal roofing is not a very reliable system. It can rust out quite easily if not cared for correctly and cleaned on a regular basis. Often these rusted roofs can benefit greatly from a rust neutralizer and a quality coating of roof paint. This will maintain the roof and eliminate the need to totally replace the metal roofing.
Tiled Roof Repairs:

–          Greensborough is a heavily treed suburb. As picturesque as this may be, it can come at a cost to your roof. Falling tree branches often are the cause of broken roof tiles and ridge capping. Built up debris and leaves tend also to block gutters very easily causing those annoying leaks that spring up.
Roof Restoration:

–          A typical roof inspection can be completed to identify some common problems that will warrant a roof restoration.  There are obvious signs to look for when conducting an inspection. Loose cement, rusted valley irons, broken roof tiles or discolored areas on the internal plaster ceiling may mean that some roof work is required.


Common Greensborough Roof Tiles

There are many varying ages of roofs in the Greensborough area.  A common roof tile used throughout the times is a cement Roman or Centurion. These are great tiles to restore and the results are fantastic. Other cement tiles that are great to restore include; Tudor, Hacienda, Elebana, Whitelaw, Clarke, Atlas and many others.