General Painting

General House Painting and Decorating.

Guardian Roofing also provides a general house painting service! Our highly skilled and qualified tradesman will ensure that your next painting project will run smoothly with no fuss. Guardian Roofing are members of the Master Painters Association of Australia and so our customers can rest assure that the job is in safe hands.


Getting The Right Colours With A Melbourne Painting Company


New home owners are always looking for companies to paint their houses. House painting is something which someone can do by themselves but it may be good to involve professionals. This is because paint jobs usually last a while and as a result it is important to make sure that your house is well painted and reflects a job that was nicely done. This is probably something every home owner would agree with. However, if you have never had your house painted it may be difficult to know which company or who you can trust to do a good job. But a Melbourne painting company is easy to find. Whether you have just moved to Melbourne or this is your first home, you want to have an excellent job done.

There are a number of ways you can get in touch with the best house painters for you in this city. It is better to seek a company, rather than to look for a single person with no affiliation to any business. This is based on the fact that Melbourne painting companies have many things individuals lack. For instance they have experience, qualified staff, and the necessary tools required for the job, among other things. The greatest thing a firm has above all this is liability insurance. What this means is, since you may not have the time to stand around and watch your house being painted, your only option is to entrust someone with your house throughout the duration when it’s being painted. When you entrust a company, you have an entity to blame and seek compensation in the event that anything happens.

The same cannot be said for an individual. After the job is completed, the painter may be hard to track down for you to hold him or her accountable. The bottom line is, you are better off hiring a company to do this service for you. There are other advantages too of hiring a firm to paint your house for you. The most significant one is the professionalism tied to the whole affair. To explain this further, the painting company is a professional company and this means that they really will offer much help based on their experience about all the painting matters. They know how best to move the furniture, and will probably move it themselves so you won’t need a third party to do it.

Every Melbourne painting company has knowledge about painting that will also be a great help. This is because they know the best paint manufacturing companies and will choose the appropriate type of paint for your house. Also, they can assist you in choosing the colors and the color schemes to put on your house walls. This can be achieved by showing you shades of paint to help you in making the correct choice for your house. These are just some of the advantages and benefits you stand to reap from the mere fact that you involved experts when having your home painted. The paint job is an essential part of the home and it complements the beauty of your house. Therefore matters to do with painting are actually very sensitive.

Now that we have all the above settled, we need to acknowledge that there are a number of companies that offer this service in Melbourne. As a result, to identify the best Melbourne painting company, a thorough process of elimination has to be initiated. The companies that exist in Melbourne do not all paint houses and, even if they all did, not all of them would do a good job – hypothetically speaking that is. This is why you are required to make a choice. Furthermore, picking just any firm is not a choice. You have to pick the best company. Different people have various understandings of the word “best”. What is superlative for one person may not necessarily be the same for another. Because of this, one must make a decision that suits them.

The question which remains is how one makes a choice which will give them the best results. It is quite easy and not as complicated as one may tend to think. The first thing that one has to do is to make a list. Though you might be new in Melbourne, you must list all your friends, family members, colleagues, and anyone else you may know. These individuals should be used as resources to come up with names of the best companies to help you fulfill this endeavor you have. They must have had their homes painted at one time and these individuals will be truthful enough to tell you whether they had a terrible, average, or good experience with a painting company.


Our General Painting Process (Interior & Exterior)


Initial Consultation


The initial process starts with a phone consultation. We will briefly determine what it is you need and get an idea of the scale of work that may be required. It is often advantageous, but not essential to have some idea of colours ect prior to organising our tradesman to inspect your property. We will then organise a time to meet on site and provide a quotation.

Inspection / Quotation 



An inspection will determine the exact scope of works required for your project. Our qualified tradesman will walk through room to room and external areas required to be painted paying particular attention to the preparation work that will be needed.