Essendon Roof Repairs and Roof Restorations

History of Essendon Roofing

The 1st European settlers into the Essendon/Maribyrnong were Charles Grimes and James Fleming In the year 1803 where it was originally inhabited by the Wurundjeri tribe of the KulinAboriginal nation. In 1890 a large mansion original called Earslbrae Hal is now known as Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School.

Essendon borders other suburbs such as East Keilor, Avondale Heights, Moonee Ponds, Brunswick and Niddrie and currently has a population of  about 18,213 people.

 Roof Repairs Essendon

Due to Essendon’s versatile developments, the roofs in this region are both old and new. For this reason a repair or restoration of these roofs can vary dramatically. If an older roof has not undergone any restoration work in the last 20 years then the ridge capping cement would probably be ineffective at correctly holding down ridge capping. The cement would have cracked over time and would be in need of some maintenance.

Typical  Roof Repair Essendon and Roof Restoration Essendon

There are lots of very dated roofs in Essendon. It is highly likely that they may have broken tiles. This is probably causing you leaks that may not have been discovered yet.

What happens with any roof that has a leak is the water will soak in through the cracked tile or rusted tin on to the insulation. The insulation inside your roof acts like a sponge and can only take so much water. Once the insulation is full of water, it spills on to the plaster causing that annoying internal leak. In the cases where you have no insulation in the affected area, you will see the leak straight away.

Battens may also be rotting. This can be caused by general aging of the hardwood or by pests such as white ant. This can cause structural problems in the roofing area. A roof repair Essendon residents might need to have completed here would be the amendment of misalignment of roof tiles. Once the roof battens have rotted, this allows that area of the roof to sink. Due to these problems it is more likely that an older structure needs substantial roof repairs. A roof would probably also require a full roof restoration Essendon residents could also opt for a full Re-Roof.

It is also important to check your guttering. A gutter repair Essendon home owners need to look out for can start with blocked gutters. This can lead to blocked downpipes. Unblocking downpipes can be a fairly costly exercise. Once a gutter holds water for too long, corrosion starts to set in and the rusting process begins. This will continue to rust away unless a neutralising agent is applied to the affected area. There are many great products for this type of remedy.

Guttering should cleaned out on a regular basis to remove debris build up.

Old guttering that has not been looked after will definitely be rusting, if not already rusted and will require a gutter repair or replacement or gutter restoration.

Old metal roofing that is rusted out would need replacing or a possible metal roof restoration. There are great products on the market now which come with substantial warranties. There are also many options to choose from when considering whether to go for a Zincalume ® roof or a Colorbond ® roof.

The more recently constructed roofs in Essendon however are in much better condition. These roofs require less work, namely a roof restoration or minor repair which would include re-newing the ridge capping cement and pointing with a flexible pointing compound and a possible re-coating of paint.

Having a roof restoration completed every 10 – 15 years is recommended to keep your roof in a functioning at its absolute best and ensuring that it is in an eye catching condition the whole year round.