Doncaster roof repairs

History of Doncaster
The region of Doncaster which neighbours Templestowe, Box Hill, and Ivanhoe was originally settled by German orchardists in the 1860-70s and was called Waldau however the name Doncaster was widely accepted and eventually was the preferred name. Doncaster’s main housing development took place from 1950 to 1980 but was still an orchard area town until 1970. Doncaster now has a population on 17,879 and with its proximity to city, continues to flourish.
Doncaster is known for its strongly built brick houses and spacious blocks. A large proportion of these houses in the area have cement tiled roofs. During the time in which Doncaster was thriving, concrete roof tiles were a very popular choice for home owners for their durability and cost effectivness.
A typical Doncaster roof repair or roof restoration
A repair needed to a roof in Doncaster may consist of the following; replacing weak and brittle tiles, re-cementing of ridge capping, valleys and gables.
Other repairs may include valley re-newels, metal sheeting replacements or full roof replacements.
Terracotta roof tiles can benefit from a pressure clean, as moss and algae can build up, blocking water course and preventing correct water flow. heavy rain can also detach moss, sending it in to gutters causing blockages. A sealer can then be applied to help prevent future moss build up.
A cement tiled roof can be pressure cleaned and then re-sealed with the best acrylic paint available on the market today.
It is also a very good idea to inspect guttering, as blockages can cause gutters to hold water. This in turn will create ‘low spots’ in your gutter and require replacement. The stagnant water will also cause areas to rust, and once this oxidising process starts it is irreversible. It will then be necessary to undergo large gutter repairs or to completely re-gutter the perimeter.
It is also very common for facia boards to become rotted and need extensive repairs or total replacement. We specialise in fantastic solutions for rotted facia boards.
We repair any timber facia where required, and then using custom Colorbond® metal we cap over all external timber. At this time, it is often recommended that new guttering is also installed using the same Colorbond® material.
The end result is a completely protected timber facia with a modern streamline finish. With a large array of colours to choose from, this option proves to be a very popular one for customers in need of a facia repair.