Concealed Guttering Conversion



At Guardian Roofing, we complete all kinds of roof guttering projects. Most jobs are quite standard and all run to plan. Occasionally we get a concealed guttering project that is beyond a replacement. The fascia board is rotted, guttering is rusted and the fall has changed over time. It is then that concealed guttering conversion is a viable option to remedy the above issues and save hassles and extra cost going forward.


Customers often think that a concealed guttering conversion is a straightforward task. Unfortunately, the majority of these projects are quite involved and are not as easy and cheap as people think.


Concealed guttering is an awful guttering system. It should never have been invented in the first place!! :)


The problems with concealed guttering start arising when your house foundation or structural areas inevitably sink over time (whether it be slightly or dramatically), it will affect the fall of your concealed guttering system. This fall cannot be corrected easily. It requires the internal timber box guttering to be reconstructed and lifted. In some cases, the concealed guttering can be packed using thin timber to achieve a better fall. It would never be 100% though.


When we think about converting concealed guttering into conventional external spouting the main areas to focus on are;


a. The trusses will need to be laser straight for new fascia fixing. This is even more imperative if the timber fascia replacement is going to be substituted with a metal fascia.


b. The eave boards will not be able to be re-used. As the cement sheeting will need to be cut (eave boards will be a different size once converted). If the eaves are cement sheeting, they may be able to be re-cut and used, however this is not likely as the material is usually too brittle.


c. Lots of these houses that require conversion are houses built in the 60’s. There are many asbestos eaves prevalent and does add time and cost on to the job.


d. Once the fascia boards are replaced, roof repairs are required. The ridge capping on the bottom of the ridge lines (shell ends) are disturbed and required replacement or re-fixing and pointing.


When quoting on the cost of the repair work, you will need to decide what type of guttering you will be choosing, the style of downpipe and the style of fascia material.


In summary, an overall concealed guttering conversion project does sound quite basic. Customers can be forgiven for thinking that. But generally concealed gutter conversions are not simple exercises and often do not come at a cheap cost. It is labor intensive, requires skill and most always requires a builder to complete the task. With many Concealed and Internal gutters, Converting that particular kind of system is often the only way to ensure that the job is done properly.