Caulfield Roof Repairs and Roof Restorations

Roof Repair and Roof Restoration Caulfield

When it comes to roof restorations and roof repairs Caulfield residents need look no further. Guardian Roofing specializes in roofing Caulfield, Caulfield North and Caulfield South areas.

Quick history of Caulfield.
Caulfield is a suburb situated about 12 km from Melbourne cbd. Part of the Glen Eira city council, Caulfield has a current population sitting at about 5300.

The suburb name ‘Caulfield’ was given as back as 1853. Although not exactly certain on how the name was derived, it is thought that the suburb was named after John Caulfield, a pioneer of the colony.

Caulfield started off as a swampy, low lying pasture ground for stock drivers moving from Gippsland to Melbourne. With middle class pockets springing up, Caulfield Swamp or formally known as Paddy’s Swamp became the buisness district of Caulfield. The city soon became one to many of Melbourne’s grand mansions and large prestigious homes.

A Typical Caulfield Roof
A typical roof in Caulfield would mainly be constructed from a terracotta roof tile. Any property post 1950 would likely have cement roof tiles (Atlas or similar profile).The larger and more prestigious earlier properties tend to have imported Spanish terracotta roof tiles installed. These are made up of extremely good quality materials. These tiles are still quite adequately doing their job today.

A Roof Repair or Roof Restoration Caulfield


A typical roof repair Caulfield home owners may require would most probably consist of a re-bed and point and a possible pressure clean. Over time, the quality terracotta tile remains strong while the ridge capping and valley cement deteriorates. A roof may have undergone numerous roof restorations or roof repairs in its time.

A Gutter Repair Caulfield Residents May Require 
It is a good idea to also check the guttering systems. Built up debris, leaves and other matter can initiate rusting of the spouting and quickly spread to other areas. Another point of concern when it comes to debris filled guttering is that it can run into down pipes and cause blockages there. A blocked downpipe will not allow water to flow out of your gutters and heavy water ingress to roof spaces can occurs.