Melbourne Gutter Repairs

Melbourne Gutter and Spouting repairs

           Are your gutters rusted, or need replacing?

Your gutters are often a much neglected feature of your home. In Melbourne, we tend to have extreem weather conditions. For this reason, gutters are vital and without correct maintenance, including occasional gutter repairs, they can quickly become non functional. This can in turn lead to many structural problems and cost big dollars to remedy.


Your gutters run around the perimeter of your dwelling, and are designed to catch the water runoff from your roof. A roof can accumulate large volumes of water in any one down poor. A typical roof in Melbourne can collect 2.5 centimeters of rainfall in one session. It can be equally be said to dumping 5600 liters of water over your roof. This amount of water around your house is not good for foundations. You can see why gutter repairs and working gutters that divert the water to storm pipes or water tanks are so important.


Gutters, Downpipes, Valley Irons, Box Gutters, and Fascia should be maintained on a regular basis, and gutter repairs performed as required. They should be cleaned out frequently removing debris build up such as leaves, twigs, dirt, cement from ridge capping, etc. Even the children’s tennis balls should be taken out straight away as they block the correct flow of water and allow gutters to become clogged. Birds can also nest in gutters, bringing back rubbish items leading to blockages.


  • A blocked gutter can lead to many problems. The most common problem associated with blocked gutters is water back flowing into your eaves or roof space. The gutters fill up because the water gets trapped and when the gutters reach capacity, they simply poor into those areas. Eave boards can become bubbly and stained and ceilings can fill with water. Once detected, the problem is usually easily fixed and the gutters are simply unblocked.


  • A typical Melbourne gutter repair might involve clearing a slight blockage. After every rainfall, the gutter fills up and very slowly drains. With every subsequent down fall, the gutters are subjected to large amounts of weight. The slow moving water creates ‘low points’ in the guttering and makes the problem even worse. Once the low points have been created, no amount of cleaning or un-blocking will correct the water flow. This gutter repair will involve being taken down and re-aligned or re-fit.


  • After long periods of time where an over abundance of water has been sitting in gutters, rust will start to form. That’s why it is imperative for guttering to be installed correctly from the start with a good ‘fall’. Once a gutter starts rusting (oxidizing) the process cannot be reversed, and will eventually spread to all normal working sections of your guttering. This oxidizing process will quickly create holes and require them to be re-installed with new spouting. This gutter repair can be a costly exercise if access to the perimeter is poor and for most double story dwellings.

So it makes sense to keep an eye on your spouting and if you are unsure if you are in need of a gutter repair, get a Melbourne guttering professional in to conduct an inspection and check for early warning signs. Maintaining gutters are easy, but fixing the problems poorly maintained gutters can cause is not.


There are many options available when considering a re-guttering project. The most popular choice would be Colorbond for the obvious reason that their colour range and quality is quite impressive. Blue scope steel is used and the Colorbond process is applied resulting in metal that is guaranteed for 25 years!! Colorbond is used for all metal roofing needs whether it’s Flashing, Valleys, Roof Vents, Box Gutters or Downpipes.

Here is a list of some of the guttering products available;

Quad Gutter

This is most common of gutters. Its cost effectiveness and sleek design makes it the perfect replacement for guttering of a similar profile. These can come with or without overflow slots. 


OG gutter

These are deep, square gutters that remove large volumes of water. They are very effective for use on commercial properties or large roofs that require quick movement of water. OG or ‘Fascia Gutters’ come with standard slots for excess water drainage.


Concealed Gutter

Concealed guttering is an internal gutter that is built into the eaves of a roof. Its unique design made this style of gutter very popular during the 70’s and 80’s.

Concealed gutters need to be maintained and cleaned regularly. As the internal guttering is quite shallow, any debris buildup can easily cause a blockage and spill in behind the timber frame. This will quickly rot out the large wooden Fascia Boards.

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Gutter Problems

Are your Gutters rusted out?

It’s a good idea to have your spouting periodically inspected and repairs made at the first sign of any abnormal wear and tear.

Gutters can become blocked and can cause large volumes of water to sit stagnantly in those areas. This section of the gutter can quickly begin to start oxidizing (rusting).

Small amounts of water sitting in the one blocked area can also create a low spot in the guttering. This will ensure that even when the gutters have been cleaned and unblocked, there is still water pooling in that section, causing that rust and further lowing the spouting.

Rust from the guttering can easily spread to metal sections of the roof, which in turn can quickly become a problem.

It is important to note that the main cause for all gutter and downpipe problems is the accumulation of leaves and debris. Periodic cleaning of the gutters will help to keep the water flowing correctly, and small foreign build up will continue on down through to the storm pipes.

Having large down pipes of at least 75mm – 90mm is also recommended as they allow much more water down and prevent leaves from building up easily.

Keep an eye on your houses foundations. Once you detect dipping and bowing of your Fascia boards, you will probably notice that gutter is also holding water in that area. This can be caused by many things.

A regular occurrence with older houses is that the storm pipes in the ground (commonly clay) will crack or completely shatter. The water from your roof runs into the downpipes and stormwater drain only to leak into and around your houses foundation. The more the storm pipe is broken, the more water will escape into the ground. If left un-repaired, structural problems will become an issue.

Keep on top of guttering problems and perform regular checks and maintenance, and you will ensure that your roof will stay perfectly functional for many years.