Body Corporate Roofing Repairs

Body Corporate Roofing Repairs



Guardian Roofing are the specialists when it comes to dealing with body corporate roofing and guttering projects.


For over ten years, we have been conducting small and large body corporate roof repairs to entities of all sizes. Our prompt service, competitive prices and quality of workmanship ensures that we maintain healthy relationships with our customers. Both residential and commercial, we have many friends in the industry and we are proud to offer our frequent roofing services too.


Below is a look at some of the projects we have completed.


Re-Roofing Block of units (Body Corporate Roofing Repairs)

Roof Tile Installation

Cotham Rd Kew 3101


This particular block of units had atlas roof tiles as the roof covering. These were in very poor condition with countless broken tiles and deteriorated ridgecapping.


The customers had been given a quote to restore at their request, but it was recommended that a re-roof should be looked at as a better long term solution.


The body Corporate decided that the re-roof was in order and a semi glazed terracotta tile was to be used. Safety railing was installed, the old tiles were discarded of into the skips provided and removed from the site and the new tiles installed.


The rear block of units (separate building block) had a much newer roof. All that the rear roof required was cement maintenance and a full re-point with flexible pointing.



Terracotta Refurbishment and Gutter replacement


Brighton Rd, Ripponlea (body Corporate Roofing Repairs).


We were originally contacted by one of the body corporate owners who was getting frustrated with trying to get contractors out to quote the job. The roof was in terrible condition. There were many leaks around the roof, but mainly in his unit (hence the reason this customer was pretty keen to have some roof work completed).


We were quick to respond to his enquiry and checked the roof out thoroughly. The roof tiles had been falling off the battens for years and needed re-aligning. Cement around all the ridgecapping and valleys required fixing and the whole roof needed flexible pointing. On top of that, the guttering and downpipes had also deteriorated and required replacement.


Our first goal was to complete the initial repairs to unit 4 as his roof was leaking considerably. We had the safety railing installed. This was the most difficult part of the job as the tiles needed to be removed and relayed again. After repairing the roof, we were ready for the gutters and downpipes to be installed. Being that the project was a body corporate roofing repair, consideration always needs to be shown for the many tenants that live in the building we are working on. We always ensured that our tradesmen accessed the roof from the one point, so the tenets knew where we were at all times. Safety is our upmost priority.


Once the job had been completed, there were some teething issues such as tidying up a sideway and couple of plants that had been disturbed, however for large body corporate roof projects, it is the unfortunate aspect of undergoing major restoration work. This was minor though, and the customers were extremely happy with everything.