Roof Tile Repairs Melbourne

Roof Tile Repairs

The common roof tile is a very hardy roofing material which has been used on homes in Melbourne for many years. The robust nature of the cement and terracotta tile will ensure that its use will be required on homes for generations to come.


However, like all roofing materials they will require a form of maintenance and likely require repairs from time to time. Below is list of typical roof tile repairs Melbourne residents could expect to have carried out at certain stages of the roofing life to prevent roof leaks and ensure that the roof is well maintained:


  • Cracked and broken roofing tiles replaced
  • Built up lichen and moss removed which hinders correct water flow through the roof tiles
  • Cracked and deteriorated cement repaired to the valley and hip tiles
  • Porous roof tiles repaired by re-surfacing with a quality roof painting membrane


The above roof tile rectification services are vital in maintaining a correct functioning roof. For any roof tile repairs Melbourne consumers should do their homework and only contract quality roofing companies. Unfortunately many Melbourne home owners don’t want to spend the money that is necessary to conduct an appropriate roof repair. There are also many businesses out there who take advantage of this in order to make a quick dollar. Their price for a quick repair may sound cheap. But when that leak springs up again (often much worse than previously) you are back to the drawing board trying to get another repair job completed.


At Guardian Roofing, we have an experienced team of tradesmen that specialise in keeping roofs maintained. Just give us a call today for a free inspection.



Roof repairs and maintenance

Roof Repair Maintenance


In the event you require professional roof repairs or roof maintenance, the area of Melbourne offers several dependable and trustworthy companies dealing with this kind of service. They will most certainly conduct one free inspection and inform you about the state of your roof and processes involved in repairing. Free estimation of costs will also be available.


Regular cleaning and check-ups are the essential aspects of any roof maintenance procedure. This is the only way of observing possible structural damages and eventual leaking. Tiles are usually protected with a special glaze layer, but, in time, they might become porous. Harsh weather and strong wind and rain can cause roof tiles to dislodge from the roof. Roofing professionals can identify these issues and fix them before they become a problem.

Regular maintenance includes fixing or replacing all porous, damaged, cracked or broken tiles. Porous tiles can be a cause of lichen and moss, because they are absorbing so much water. Regular cleaning of gutters can also extend life of all types of roofs. Sometimes the source of your problems might be poorly structured building, but professionals are able to deal with all sorts of problems.


Doesn’t matter whether you have a cement or terracotta roof, regular maintenance will make them look better and last longer. Cleaning with high pressured water will remove mould and dirt from tiles, surrounding walls and gutters. If rusted, valley irons can also cause problems, and it would be best to replace them on time. Roof ridge capping is extremely important for the entire structure, and they have to be properly fixed.


The condition of your roof can greatly affect the value of your property, especially if you plan to put it in the market. Your home will become more attractive but also be in a much better shape. Prevention is always the cheapest and most simple way of solving problems. Repairing these issues on time could be the best answer.


If you neglect roofing problems long enough, the situation can become more complicated. Repairs might not be enough anymore, and the only solution can be restoration. Complete re-surfacing, including preparation works and cleaning should cost approximately one third of an amount you would expect to spend on a new roof.


Every single replaced element is carefully fixed and sealed. Different sealants are designed to protect the tile surface. Properly protected roof tiles won’t become porous and absorb water, and it could prevent leaking as well. On the entire area the contractor will apply the selected coating, to protect it. There is a wide variety of colours available, and they all look very appealing, smooth and glossy.


Another important aspect of your roofing to think about is the ventilation. It can significantly lower your bills, both for cooling and heating. Better insulation and the total absence of damp, mildew and mould in healthy, liveable home is worth the trouble of putting the appropriate ventilation in. With a perfectly insulated and ventilated home, you can save money on power expenses and keep your home in a healthier state.


Making your home a safe, energy efficient, healthy and beautiful place is always the best investment you can make. It improves living conditions and adds some value to the property. All relevant information about roof repairs Melbourne residents should know can be found locally and online, including terms, conditions and prices.

Body Corporate Roofing Repairs

Body Corporate Roofing Repairs



Guardian Roofing are the specialists when it comes to dealing with body corporate roofing and guttering projects.


For over ten years, we have been conducting small and large body corporate roof repairs to entities of all sizes. Our prompt service, competitive prices and quality of workmanship ensures that we maintain healthy relationships with our customers. Both residential and commercial, we have many friends in the industry and we are proud to offer our frequent roofing services too.


Below is a look at some of the projects we have completed.


Re-Roofing Block of units (Body Corporate Roofing Repairs)

Roof Tile Installation

Cotham Rd Kew 3101


This particular block of units had atlas roof tiles as the roof covering. These were in very poor condition with countless broken tiles and deteriorated ridgecapping.


The customers had been given a quote to restore at their request, but it was recommended that a re-roof should be looked at as a better long term solution.


The body Corporate decided that the re-roof was in order and a semi glazed terracotta tile was to be used. Safety railing was installed, the old tiles were discarded of into the skips provided and removed from the site and the new tiles installed.


The rear block of units (separate building block) had a much newer roof. All that the rear roof required was cement maintenance and a full re-point with flexible pointing.



Terracotta Refurbishment and Gutter replacement


Brighton Rd, Ripponlea (body Corporate Roofing Repairs).


We were originally contacted by one of the body corporate owners who was getting frustrated with trying to get contractors out to quote the job. The roof was in terrible condition. There were many leaks around the roof, but mainly in his unit (hence the reason this customer was pretty keen to have some roof work completed).


We were quick to respond to his enquiry and checked the roof out thoroughly. The roof tiles had been falling off the battens for years and needed re-aligning. Cement around all the ridgecapping and valleys required fixing and the whole roof needed flexible pointing. On top of that, the guttering and downpipes had also deteriorated and required replacement.


Our first goal was to complete the initial repairs to unit 4 as his roof was leaking considerably. We had the safety railing installed. This was the most difficult part of the job as the tiles needed to be removed and relayed again. After repairing the roof, we were ready for the gutters and downpipes to be installed. Being that the project was a body corporate roofing repair, consideration always needs to be shown for the many tenants that live in the building we are working on. We always ensured that our tradesmen accessed the roof from the one point, so the tenets knew where we were at all times. Safety is our upmost priority.


Once the job had been completed, there were some teething issues such as tidying up a sideway and couple of plants that had been disturbed, however for large body corporate roof projects, it is the unfortunate aspect of undergoing major restoration work. This was minor though, and the customers were extremely happy with everything.

Guardian Roofing’s WorldClass Roofing Procedure



For a worldclass roofing job, it is so important that the right company is on the job. There is so much more involved in roof restoration than just getting up and painting the roof.


Anyone can paint a roof provided they have the correct equipment. It’s the finish, safety aspects, quality and longevity of the job that will differ from the applicator to applicator who undertakes the project.


At Guardian Roofing, we believe that for a worldclass roofing job, below criteria must be met for any completed roof restoration.


Pre Job (Quote Stage)

  • A roof must be thoroughly quoted and all aspects of the job must be written into the quotation so that the customer knows exactly what is being done to their roof. This is important as it saves on any discrepancies occurring where the roofing company might want to charge more for something not originally allowed for in the quotation.
  • Beware of a tradesman doorknocking or offering their services for cash. These companies (even though they offer long guarantees) often cannot be contacted once the completed works start to deteriorate shortly down the track.
  • Ensure your roofing company uses or quotes to use handrail. Although there is a cost involved, safety rail is very important and required by law in most states. Failure to use the correct equipment can be costly for the both the contractor and the customer if caught out by Worksafe.
  • A quote should be written up within a reasonable timeframe. If a company wants the job, they will provide a quote within a few days.

During Project


  • Once the roofing companies are onsite and working away, a worldclass roofing job should go smoothly from there. The tradesmen should be courteous and keep mess to a minimum. Obviously roofing work is usually quite messy, however cleaning up along the way keeps the mess manageable.
  • Make sure the handrail actually goes up on the roofing as per the quotation.
  • Cleaning the roofing tiles well is an important aspect of ensuring the job will last a long time. Sometimes it’s worth checking after the cleaning process that all the tiles are well cleaned.
  • Try and ascertain as to when the tradesmen will be coming back and organise to leave gates unlocked or power available ect.

After The Project Is Completed


  • For a worldclass roofing finish, particularly from a company such as Guardian Roofing, an inspection of the roofing should be carried out on completion. The finished project must show a consistently painted roof surface with smooth pointing on the hip tiles and gable ends.
  • All the mess should be cleaned up as well as possible by the tradesmen. Also the neighbours house should be cleaned up as well (unless you don’t want to be invited to their Christmas party at the end of the year)
  • Enjoy your new roof and know that it should be problem free for many years to come.

New Roof Melbourne

New Roofing Installations


Whether you are a Melbourne builder, part of a Melbourne body corporate entity or a domestic / residential client, Guardian Roofing are the trusted experts in the Melbourne new roofing industry. We have formed many great relationships with builders. We go out of our way to make sure our level of service is higher than our competitors. We really go out of our way to look after our customers. For any new roof Melbourne residents may require the following:


  • New Colorbond Roofing
  • New Zincalume Roofing
  • New Roof Tile  (Cement) Installation
  • New Roof Tile  (Terracotta) Installation
  • New Slate Tile Installations


The roof above your home is just so important. Unfortunately, that fact is that there are many individuals and companies that do not know how to install a roof correctly. We have heard of countless stories and have also been required to fix many Melbourne roofing installations gone wrong. Any of the above materials require a skilled company to carry out the work. It is important to ensure that Australian Standards and manufactures guidelines have been adhered to. It is also very important to make sure that the roof installation company completing any work for you has full insurance policies and can provide certificates of currencies.


For any new roofing installation, Melbourne residents must start with a plan of drawings being sent to the office. PDF plans are preferred as we have our tools that measure everything up quite easily. Within the plans, we require the elevations, topic roof views and floor plans. We also need the plans to be scaled correctly. It usually doesn’t matter which scale they are drawn at, provided the measurements are accurate.


After we receive the roof plans, we require about 4 days to chase up pricing on materials and ensure that all our measurements are correct in order to provide an accurate quote. Some quotes are simple and can be organised that same day. Often, we are also waiting on the scaffolding company to come back with pricing as every scaffolding project is different.


Once we have a price worked out, we can forward on our quotation. We will usually email this. Many times, a customer will have another quotation or maybe 2. They might be cheaper or they may be dearer. Budget can often be the main determining factor in whom they choose for the job. We always ask our potential customers to give us a chance to match the roof installation quotation or get as close as we can to it. We are an honest company and if we can match it we will. If we can’t match it, we will never jeopardize the quality at which we conduct our work. We would rather give up the job. In this case we simply can’t help this customer and wish them all the best with the job. We always stress the importance to perspective clients to not only look at pricing, but also look at who they feel will do the right job on their roof. Often following a gut instinct should come into play when choosing your new roofing installation company.


Once our customers are happy to proceed with the new roofing installation quotation, we require a deposit to be paid and also the quotation to be signed and returned. We need all the details to be filled out correctly including colour choices and inclusions / exclusions ect. We then file this for your records and also for ours. It will form part our records for any warranty issue. We will then schedule in an approximate date and confirm the date of install once we have estimate arrival times from manufactures ect.


When choosing a Melbourne company to undertake your new roofing installations, just make sure you do your homework. Know what’s involved, know rough procedures’, rough pricing and don’t be scared to ask questions. Ask questions before the project and during the job if need be. As I mentioned, the most important thing to ensure is that you need to be comfortable with the company doing the work. Following these guidelines will greatly increase your chances that you will receive a great roofing installation.




Nubrik Tombstones Terracotta

Nubrik™ Tombstones




Nubrik Tombstones were a fantastic terracotta roof tile product released during the 1960’s. Being a very heavy tile, they were solid and reliable. As a result, many homes are still functioning perfectly well with these tiles in place. The Tombstones were made with a flat, semi glazed or full glazed surface. These roof tiles had nails holes which used for fixing then down. Every second cause of roof tile gets nailed in to place.



About 25 years ago, Nubrik Roofing went through a patch of about 2 years where they were using steel nails to fasten down their Tombstone roof tiles. This faulty workmanship by using steel nails resulted in the nails oxidizing and expanding, thus cracking the tiles. The cracked roof tiles have obviously resulted in constant leaking and water ingress to roof space.



The only remedy for this problem is to remove every second row of roof tiles and re-nail with a galvanized nail. Broken tiles will need to be changed, and the rubbish discarded. The correct procedure is to use a galvanized nail, commonly called Clouts that won’t oxidise and corrode. Tiles can also be clipped with galvanized snap clip system. Obviously Nubrik have since identified this issue and ensured that their roofs are installed as per Australian Standards, but this doesn’t help roof owners with the current problem at hand.


On average we normally expect and would make an allowance to change every second to third roof tile. In an extreme case (where every tile has been nailed) we would allow for breakages to all roof tiles and need to change the roof over.


For 90% of projects, the ridge capping and valleys will need to be re-bed and pointed with a flexible pointing compound, as they will be disturbed during the re-nailing process. Mandatory safety railing will also need to set up around the perimeter as per Australian OH&S legislation.


Because of the extensive amount of roof tile replacements required on these particular jobs, Nubrik Tombstone roof tiles are fairly hard to source and are quite expensive. Especially if there many roof tiles required such as most jobs necessitate.  They come in a couple of different colours and can be flat finish, fully glazed or semi-glazed. However, the most common colour would be that of mission brown or black.


Tombstones can be purchased from different roof tile suppliers. It is important to make sure the roof tile is taken in so the profile can be confirmed. There are a couple of different profiles available for a Tombstone roof tile.


If you have Nubrik Tombstones on your roof or any roof tile in general, it is a great idea to have it inspected periodically. A reputable roofing contractor will know exactly what to look for so that your roofing will continue to function adequately. They may also catch any problem because it becomes messy and expensive.


Roof Repairs Burwood

Burwood Roof Repairs and Restorations















Short History of Burwood.

Burwood sits approximately 17kms Melbourne from the Melbourne CBD. With about 13000 people, Burwood, part of the Syndal area is quite a large city covering a big area.

The city of Burwood initially got its name in 1879. It was firstly named Ballyshanassy and then Norwood before its current name. The city started off around the cemetery and police station and later grew out to Toorak rd. with the establishment of commercial infrastructure.

With many schools to choose from and parklands to use in the local area, Burwood has much to offer its citizens.


Burwood Roofing

House roofs in the Burwood area consist of terracotta roofing, cement tiled roofing and also metal roofing – both galvanised and Zincalume. There also seems to be a lot of roofs in the area that have undergone a total roof replacement. This can be attributed to Burwood house roofs of about 60 – 90 years old that has deteriorated over that time. Often these roofs are in terrible condition and will not be able to be restored.

Burwood Roof Repair

A typical roof repair Burwood residents may require would be that of the ridge capping. A cement tiled roof can become quite fragile if left un-maintained. Also, it can often be dangerous (not to mention vulnerable of leaking) to have cement falling out in different places. Especially if the roof is a double story. It is often the case that roofs in this condition will require a full roof restoration. A typical Burwood roof repair may also consist of a valley repair or replacement.

A metal roof can sometimes be rusted or heading in that direction. Flashings or metal penetrations could be oxidising (rusting) and need a replacement. Recently, there have been cases of roofing coming out of China claiming to be a quality product (Colorbond). Unfortunately, for the unsuspecting customer this metal roofing is inferior and often rusts out within the first few years of installation.

Another area to keep an eye on would be the guttering system. Built up rust cannot be seen from the bottom. A close inspection of the inside of the guttering can reveal corrosion. This corrosion may be a simple fix or a problem requiring a tradesman.



Roof Restoration Burwood


A typical Roof restoration Burwood residents may expect could be in the form of roof painting or roof sealing. Roof painting and roof sealing consists of applying a quality roofing membrane on to the roof. It is recommended to have this treatment completed to your roofing every 8 – 12 years. A cement tiled roof that has been maintained in this fashion will customarily be quite strong. This painting is done after a full repair of the roof has been made including a complete pressure clean. A terracotta roof restoration would commonly include a full repair, re-pointing work and then a possible re-seal. We use a great surface re-sealer which ensures that your terracotta surface is kept in tip top condition.


No matter what a Burwood roof may need, rest assured that Guardian Roofing are the experts.




Re-Bedding a Roof

Bedding or Re-Bedding a Roof

Have you got cement deteriorating away from your ridgecapping or loose mortar becoming detached from areas? You might have ridgecapping sliding down your roof line or into your valley flashings. Well it may be time that some re-bedding is required.

Ridges needing re-bedding

Does my roof need re-bedding?

A roof inspection can be carried out to get an idea of the condition of the bedding. A poorly made bedding mix will usually be crumbly or powdery. Sometimes the bedding may be so deteriorated that there is no cement under the ridge capping at all. Other times the bedding cement may have started to slide out from under the ridge slightly. In this case, the cement would be too unstable to re-use and would need to be re-bedded. Usually a good cement mix for re-bedding is about four parts of sand to one part of cement.

Even perfectly strong and sound cement will start to develop cracks between the cement and the ridgecapping over time. This is an ideal situation for the products that are out on the market now. These ‘flexible pointing’s’ which are widely by roofing contractors used are designed to be pushed into these cracks. The flexible pointing ‘bites’ into the cracks of the cement and forms a very strong bond over your ridgecapping and roof tiles. It is also a very good idea to make sure the collar of ridgecapping has flexible pointing installed to them. The ‘collar’ of the ridgecapping is the area of the front of the ridge that overlaps the last ridgecapping. Installing collars to these are vital in prolonging your pointing and re-bedding.


Re-Bedding Process

Re-bedding or Bedding is basically the first step taken in a roof repair to ensure that your ridgecapping, valleys, gable ends or barge capping are secure on the roof and run in a nice straight line. A cement mix of about four parts cement and one part sand needs to be combined and turned into an easily manageable mix. A bedding trowel is then used to lay long, thin scoops of cement in which the ridge tile or roof tiles can be pushed on to and formed into place. A novice will need to use a bedding frame to guide them in making sure they keep the cement running in straight lines. A more experienced tradesman will be able to bed the cement down easily without this aid.

Re-bedding with a bedding frame

Care needs to be taken to make sure that the bedding frame and all tools used are washed thoroughly after use. Cement sets rocks hard and often will not be able to be cleaned off surfaces without the use of a grinder.

On many occasions, a complete roof restoration which involves pressure cleaning and painting and ridge works  (if the cement is in sound condition) will not require re- bedding. Strong cement will have had years to harden and shift into position, holding the tiles and ridgecapping firm. Disturbing the formed cement in this case is not warranted and just an extra cost that is not necessary. The only exception to the above is where you have a roofing valley. Over time, roof valleys accumulate dirt and debris behind the cement. This eventually will block the correct flow of water and cause a very annoying that cannot be seen until the valet cement is removed. It is this reason that we remove all valley cement with every job we do as a matter of roof maintenance. We know that eventually it will need to be done so the best time to do it is when other work is being done to the roof.

Once the cement hardens up, it is then time for the roof pointing to be carried out. Pointing is the step that follows the re-bedding process and bonds everything together. There are many forms of pointing available on the market. There are cement based pointing’s and there flexible based compounds. Cement based Flexipointing is not widely used anymore and not recommended for roofing. A flexible pointing is a better product and is suited for roofing structures as they contract with the weather.


Cement is a very robust roofing material and has been used for many hundreds of years. A strong mix of cement and a neat, original roofing installation job will ensure that minimal re-bedding will be required for a long time. Remember that not all roofs necessarily need re-bedding. If they do require re-bedding however, it is important to have the job done properly. The most imperative  thing is to ensure you get the right advice.

Leaking roof repairs

Guardian Roofing – prompt & efficient leaking roof repairs in Melbourne

Got a leaky roof? Don’t put up with drips and internal damage any longer. Guardian Roofing are on hand to repair leaks permanently. We get to the source of the problem, and carry out repairs and resealing as necessary to ensure your roof is completely watertight once more.

With several years’ combined experience, our expert staff have conducted all manner of roof leak repairs on Melbourne properties, from heritage homes right through to modern developments, and even commercial premises. We understand the need to get leaks fixed as soon as possible, so you can continue to enjoy your rooms.  This is why we offer a prompt and budget friendly service, so there’s no reason to delay repair work- not to mention the fact that increased exposure (especially during heavy rain) could worsen the problem if it is not attended to immediately. We have the equipment and resources to repair both metal and tiled roofing safely and efficiently, as well as the eye for detail to identify potential structural deficiencies you may not have noticed.

For more information, or to get your free no-obligation leaky roof repair quote, contact Guardian Roofing on (03) 9466 4460.

Roof Repairs Glen Waverley


Roof Restorations and  Roof Repair Glen Waverley 


Does your roof need a roof restoration or roof repair? 


Not many people take much notice of their roof. This can be a mistake. If you think about it, it is actually your roof which protects your house and its contents from the elements day in and day out. It is very important to have a roof that is functioning correctly and is in tip top condition. Signs of roof repairs Glen Waverley residents can look out for include the following;





Broken roof tiles

Loose cement and mortar

missing tiles and shifted roof tiles

Rusted valley irons and gutters

Extreme moss and algae build up in Glen Waverley

faded roofing colour

general untidiness in the roofing requiring a roof restoration



Find the Right Roof Repairs Glen Waverley



Roofing repairs are very essential in every house. Avoiding the importance of a roof repair  will surely be a contributing factor for deterioration of your house. If you live in Glen Waverley, it is very essential to find the right repairs a specialist roofing company can offer. It can be very useful and beneficial to find the right company. That is why before you find the roof repair professional, be sure to do your research first. If you are looking for a roof restoration, Glen Waverley roofing companies should also be able provide this within their repair service.


One important aspect that you need to remember is to hire a contractor with the right insurance and bonding. This specifically increases the workmanship of the professional. Choosing a contractor without insurance or quality know how, will guarantee that your roofing service will be fraught with all types of dangers. If the Glen Waverley roof repair provider does have insurance, it gives you the opportunity to ensure that you are not liable for damage or faulty workmanship in the event of the job not going to plan, or being completed in-correctly.


As there are lots of roofing materials available it is also very important to look for the right roofing contractor. One that will complete the roof repair or maintenance service professionally. This should not be ignored for the reason that selecting the roof repair provider that does not specialize on the type of roofing you have will result in the job not being successful.


When you are looking for the right roof repair Glen Waverley area can offer, be sure to do your research by determining the roofing contractors skills and experience. It is not ideal to choose a roof repair company that does not have the right experience.


The reputation of the provider is also one significant aspect that you need to keep in mind. You can determine the reputation by reading the reviews and comments of previous clients. This way, you can be sure to find the right means to choose the appropriate company. If the roof repair company that you have in mind for your job does have a lot of negative feedback then try to find another one with less negative reputation.


You can also ask your friend, neighbor or colleagues. They may have had a roof restoration completed recently. As you know referrals are the best source of information if you are looking for an unbiased assessment or evaluation regarding the roof repair company. That goes for any trade service in general.


Make sure to select an experienced provider that is already established in the industry. Never choose just any old roof repair company that Glen Waverley newspapers or local guides my show. Often local people and handymen are not very experienced and only in it to make a quick dollar. The sad fact is that these people will not be there to amend any shoddy work later on down the track. A reputable roof repair or roof restoration company will always be there for you. You need a company that can be trusted and not a company that is just starting in the roof repair industry. Finally, once you find the best roof repairs Glen Waverley has to offer, you will surely have peace of mind that your roof and house is safe and protected for years to come.