Altona Roof Repairs

Short History of Altona

Altona is a residential and part industrial suburb which lies about 13 km west of the CBD. It is boarded by neighbouring suburbs such as Williamstown, Laverton, Altona North, Seabrook and Altona Meadows.

Altona was first said to be settled by an Alfred Langhorne back in 1842. He leased pastoral land on Altona Bay, then known as Laverton and began building a homestead. Langhorne passed away in 1874 after assembling an Altona/Laverton prospect which was purchased by a coal prospecting syndicate. It began operating out of Williamstown with the purpose of winning coal in Altona.

Growth was quite slow in Altona so in 1917 these syndicates opened and subdivided large parcels of land in the newly created areas such as Seaholme and Altona East. In 1920 the land sales picked up. With the help of the War Service Homes Commission and the State Savings Bank, many similar looking houses were built. These were mainly brick houses with a solid structure.

In 1928 – 1929, North Altona subdivisions were released.  Altona Meadows started developing in the 90’s with areas such as Point Cook following soon after.

A Typical Roof Repair altona

A typical original roof in Altona would mainly consist of terracotta roof tiles. Of the constructions closer to the war period, the covering would more likely be an old Atlas cement roof tile. These are small grainy tiles, and are often porous.  These tiles need to be inspected thoroughly before they can be considered candidates to undergo a full roof restoration.

Newer areas such as Altona Meadows, Altona North, Point Cook, and Seabrook have a combination of both terracotta and cement tiled roofs. The Terracotta tile would most likely be of the Nubrik type, while its cement counterpart could be one of numerous makes.

Roof Restoration altona

Cement tiles would have faded considerably over time, and would greatly benefit from a Re-Coating or full roof restoration. Cement bedding and pointing would also be cracking and shifting and would require being updated with a flexi point product. This material, a highly flexible and Acrylic product is used in the place of cement, allowing it to achieve long lasting results when applied to your roof. It is especially beneficial where high winds are present and a firm bond is needed such as on a double story. It has been the industry standard for this product to be used on new roofs for the last ten years.

For a Terracotta roof restoration Altona home-owners can also benefit from a pressure clean, seal and point. Valley Irons, Gutter replacements and metal roofing should also be thoroughly inspected for any rust spots and appropriate action take taken to remedy any problem areas.